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Cine News: 10 May 2012

Ημερομηνία καταχώρησης: Παρασκευή, 11 Μάι. 2012 @ 06:08:00 EEST - Συντάκτης : Jim Papamichos

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Arts & Culture

Josh HutchersonJosh Hutcherson Gives Up On Tattoos


Josh Hutcherson has given up on plans to have any more tattoos because he fears movie bosses will stop hiring him if he covers himself in body art.

The Hunger Games hunk already has three designs inked on his body - a Libra sign on his wrist, an anchor on his torso and a ship on his back. However, he is planning to hold off going under the needle again until after he bags more screen roles.

He tells MTV News, "I need to have the kind of career Angelina Jolie has first. They're not gonna hire guys covered in tattoos. I need to make sure they hire me first." »



The Things They Tweet:


"Did u know that I got a small hernia on my tummy from doing DWTS its (sic) the size of a dime I'd say and I have to push it back in it pops out!" Actress Lisa Rinna is still suffering with a bodily injury from her 2006 stint on U.S. reality show Dancing With the Stars. »

Sofia Vergara's Son Makes Touching Mother's Day Video


Sofia Vergara has been given a boost after her recent love split - her teenage son has created a sweet video tribute for the actress to mark Mother's Day on Sunday.

Manolo Gonzalez has compiled home movie footage and personal photos from his childhood to make the short film dedicated to the Modern Family star, who recently broke up with her boyfriend Nick Loeb.

In the clip, which he has posted on, he says, "What I'm most proud of... is that she hasn't changed. She has her career and she still managed to raise me at the same time - that's pretty great. Is my mother a good mother? Yes, she's the best. She's Latin, of course, which means she's very loud, very overprotective... She's a loud Latin mother who calls my name repeatedly! Happy Mother's Day, I love you."

Vergara, who gave birth to Manolo when she was 20, was thrilled with her present, tweeting, "Manolo surprised me with this video for Mother's Day!! Best Mothers Day gift! Gracias (thank you) Manolo Manolo! I love you!" »

Pan Am And Friday Night Dinner Big Winners At Rose D'Or Festival


Christina Ricci's U.S. period drama Pan Am and Simon Bird's British show Friday Night Dinner have been named among the winners at the international Rose d'Or TV awards.

The ceremony recognises the very best programmes in the industry across 40 countries and on Thursday, Ricci's Pan Am was named best series, while Bird's Friday Night Dinner landed the trophy for best sitcom.

Also receiving prizes were Charlie Brooker's miniseries Black Mirror: The National Anthem, which beat out Ricky Gervais' Life's Too Short for best comedy, and German film Homevideo in the TV movie category, which bested Rachel Weisz's Page Eight.

The Rose d'Or Festival winners were unveiled at a prizegiving event at the Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne in Switzerland. »

Nia Long Experiencing 'Rebirth' After Motherhood


Actress Nia Long has experienced a "rebirth" since becoming a mum again last year, insisting she's the happiest she's ever been.

The Big Momma's House star welcomed her second child, a son named Kez, with her basketball player boyfriend Ime Udoka in November and Long believes motherhood has given her a new lease of life.

She tells, "I am the happiest that I've been probably in my life.

"Baby Kez Sunday has given me a bit of a rebirth and it's really nice because I'm able to look at life through his eyes. You have to pay attention to the smallest thing from the birds chirping to the dog barking across the street. These are the things that make the world go around today. When you look at life in its simplest form, stress and worry isn't (sic) the cornerstones of your life. Experiencing life through that lens is refreshing."

Long has been on a career break since wrapping her last project, a 2011 drama called Mooz-lum, and she admits she's in no rush to return to work - but her eldest son Massai has other ideas for his mum.

She says, "My 11-year-old is running the show. He's like 'Mum, when are you making another movie?' I'm a true believer that good work finds you and I hope that I've established enough of a career of myself that when they want Nia Long they'll find Nia Long."

Massai is Long's child from a previous relationship with actor Massai Z. Dorsey. »

Cougar Town Stars Celebrate Home On New Network


Actors Courteney Cox, Busy Phillips and Josh Hopkins are celebrating after finding a new network to call home for their U.S. comedy Cougar Town.

The TV sitcom's future has been in jeopardy over the last few months, with Cox and Phillips famously launching independent promotional campaigns in a bid to boost ratings amid fears the show, which premiered in 2009, was facing cancellation.

The Friends star also took a stand against ABC network bosses and accused them of failing to properly market the series, but on Thursday, it was announced that executives had landed a deal with rival channel TBS to give the show a new lease of life.

Cox and her co-stars are overjoyed at being given the chance to make a fourth season of the comedy and they wasted no time in taking to to share the news with fans and thank them for their continued support.

An excited Cox writes, "Cougar Town is moving to TBS!! So happy we get to continue making our show! We cannot thank you all enough for your support. Seriously, guys. Thank You".

Phillips tweeted, "It's Official: Cougar Town Jumps From ABC to TBS in Two-Season Deal," and Hopkins added, "CougarTown trending world wide. Thanks all".

Cox's estranged husband David Arquette, who serves as the show's co-executive producer and makes a cameo in the upcoming season finale on 29 May, also raved about the news, posting, "Attn (attention) Cougar town fans... Thanks for your support - thank you TBS". »

Wrestler John Cena Files For Divorce


Professional wrestler-turned-actor John Cena has filed for divorce.

The World Wrestling Entertainment star wed his high school sweetheart Liz Huberdeau in 2009, but Cena has now moved to end their marriage, calling their union "irretrievably broken".

According to, the 12 Rounds star filed the legal papers in Florida on Thursday - and the news has come as a shock for his wife.

Huberdeau's attorney, Raymond Rafool, says, "Although it is indeed unfortunate that John Cena decided to divorce his high school sweetheart Liz Cena; particularly, after they have come so far in their lives and in his career together, Liz will and really has no choice but to pursue all of her rights and entitlements.

"Although Mr. Cena pushes a prenuptial agreement and that the parties have only been married for approximately 3 years, Liz Cena has always supported John Cena, even when no one else did, and stood behind him and pushed him forward to achieve their goals for the last 14 years. Sadly, divorce is not the way Liz thought her perfect love story would end." »

James Buckley: 'The Inbetweeners Is Over'


The Inbetweeners star James Buckley has shocked fans by insisting the hit franchise is over.

The British TV series ran for three seasons before being made into a film last summer, and was a huge hit at the U.K. box office. A sequel or further TV episodes were expected, but Buckley has surprisingly revealed he can't see that happening.

He tells NME, "I've not been spoken to about it at all. I've had interviews in paper just completely made up. I've not spoken to anyone for six months. There was an interview... where I was quoted saying we were going to do a fourth series and one of the characters was going to die, which wasn't true.

"There are no plans to do any more, unfortunately. I think that will be the last you see of The Inbetweeners." »

Amber Riley Leaving Glee For Good


Glee actress Amber Riley has become the latest star to leave the hit U.S. TV show.

The 26 year old, who plays Mercedes Jones on the musical series, will bid farewell to the New Directions glee club at McKinley High at the end of the current third season as her character graduates from school.

After filming her final scenes for the programme, she took to to write, "That's a wrap on Amber Riley! Just closed a chapter in my life.

"I'm going to miss the whole Glee family, seeing them everyday! I have so many brothers and sisters now. But I am looking forward to a much needed and deserved summer vacation! School's Out Glee Kids! Let's play!"

Actress Ashley Fink, who portrays Lauren Zizes, was revealed to have been dropped from the cast last month, while series co-creator Ryan Murphy previously announced he would be fading out the characters played by leading stars Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith as they 'graduate' this season, although they will return for cameos in future episodes. »

Joss Whedon Writes Letter Of Thanks To Fans After The Avengers Triumph


Writer/director Joss Whedon has written an emotional open letter of thanks to his fans after The Avengers movie smashed a series of box office records.

The superhero film, written and directed by Whedon, became the first ever movie in America to break the $200 million (£125 million) mark in its opening weekend and the moviemaker admits he is struggling to come to terms with the blockbuster's phenomenal success.

He has now reached out to his fans to thank them for standing by him throughout his career.

In the open letter, he writes, "Well, it's been quite a weekend. Someday, long from now, I will even have an emotional reaction to it, like a person would. I can't wait! But before I become blinded by this 'emotion' experience, there's a few things I'd like to say. Well, type...

"I've had the smartest, most loyal, most passionate, most articulate group of - I'm not even gonna say fans. I'm going with 'peeps' - that any cult oddity such as my bad self could have dreamt of... If you think topping a box office record compares with someone telling you your work helped them through a rough time, you're probably new here. (For the record... topping a box office record is super-dope..)

"So this is me, saying thank you. All of you. You've taken as much guff for loving my work as I have for over-writing it, and you deserve... To glow. To crow and go 'I told you so'."... Point being, you deserve some honour." »

Alec Baldwin To Receive Honorary Degree


Actor Alec Baldwin is set to receive an honorary degree from a prestigious school in his native New York.

The 30 Rock star, 54, will be feted with a special Doctor of Musical Arts accolade alongside renowned classical pianist Lang Lang on Friday during the Manhattan School of Music's 2012 commencement ceremony.

Baldwin actually attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C. in the late 1970s before transferring to New York University.

He didn't finish his studies, but went on to focus on acting at the famed Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in the Big Apple. He later returned to Nyu and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts honour in the 1990s. »

Johnny Depp: 'Vanessa Paradis Split Rumours Are Not True'


Johnny Depp has finally shut down reports he has split from Vanessa Paradis, insisting, "No matter what I say about this, people believe the opposite".

The Pirates of the Caribbean star began dating singer Paradis in 1998 and they have set up home in the south of France with their two children, Lily-Rose, 12, and Jack, 10.

Earlier this year, gossips suggested the couple had begun to live separate lives due to growing tension about the actor's booming career, and speculation about a separation continued to swirl as Depp and Paradis played coy about the status of their relationship in media interviews.

The lovers of 14 years have not been photographed in public together for some time, and French star Paradis left Depp to walk the red carpet solo on Wednesday for the London premiere of his new movie Dark Shadows.

But Depp, 48, has now spoken out to quell the claims once and for all, telling Britain's The Sun newspaper, "No matter what I say about this, people believe the opposite. I can't say enough about it (the relationship) not being over. The rumours are not true. They are absolutely not true." »

Harry Potter Theme Park Heads To Japan


The Harry Potter magic is spreading to Asia - an amusement park inspired by the hit franchise is to open in Japan.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Osaka will feature a reconstruction of the enchanted Hogwarts school, as well as rides and themed snacks.

Actors James and Oliver Phelps, who played twin wizards Fred and George Weasley in the Potter movies, will be guests of honour when the attraction opens in 2014.

Glenn Gumpel, president and CEO of Universal Studios Japan, says, "Universal Studios Japan is thrilled to be chosen to make the Harry Potter experience come alive for the people of Japan. Usj will recreate to the highest level of authenticity The Wizarding World of Harry Potter."

The theme park first debuted at Florida's Universal Studios Orlando in 2010, and another Wizarding World is due to open in Los Angeles. »

Prince Charles Turns TV Weatherman


Charles, Prince Of Wales gave TV viewers in Scotland a shock on Thursday when he became a news weatherman.

The British royal was touring BBC Scotland's Pacific Quay headquarters when he was invited to take charge of the lunchtime weather forecast.

BBC newsreader Sally Magnusson told audiences, "I'm delighted to say we've got a new member of our weather team, let me hand over to him now. Your Highness?"

Looking into the camera, the royal said, "It's an unsettled picture as we head towards the end of the week. This afternoon it'll be cold, wet and windy across most of Scotland."

The prince continued to read specially written lines, which included jokey references to royal residences in Scotland, adding, "Who the hell wrote this script?"

He told viewers, "The best of the bright and dry weather will of course be in the northern isles and the far north of the mainland. So, a little hazy sunshine for the Castle of Mey in Caithness. But a cold day everywhere with temperatures of just 8C and a brisk northerly wind. Thank God it isn't a bank holiday!" »

Danny DeVito: 'Robin Williams Nearly Killed Me'


Danny DeVito nearly died laughing after Robin Williams relentlessly delivered one wisecrack after another while they were in a swimming pool.

The Twins star was relaxing in the water at a friend's home when funnyman Williams staged an impromptu stand-up routine, and his endless quips left the giggling actor gasping for breath.

When asked by Britain's The Metro about stars with good comic timing, DeVito replied, "Robin Williams. He'll murder you. He almost did kill me once. We were at a friend's. It was the mid-1980s... We all jumped in the pool. And Robin started one of his riffs: it had to do with a Boeing 747 and Marilyn Monroe, and it was the funniest goddamn thing I ever heard... I opened my mouth at the wrong time, swallowed water and almost choked.

"They had to pull me out - I was choking laughing, my life was flashing in front of my eyes. I was spitting up, and he kept going." »

Guillermo Del Toro To Direct Pinocchio Retelling


Guillermo Del Toro is to take charge of a dark retelling of the Pinocchio fairytale.

The horror director co-wrote the creepy screenplay, but it was originally suggested he would only produce the film. However, Del Toro has now placed himself in the director's chair alongside Mark Gustafson.

Producer Lisa Henson says, "Guillermo has been so passionate about this project from its inception and it is an honor to have him bring his unique blend of live action and animation experience to this well-loved story, collaborating with the talented Mark Gustafson."

Del Toro has previously insisted the new version of Pinocchio will be more faithful to Carlo Colodi's dark fairytale than the 1940 animated Disney musical. »

Kristen Stewart Agreed To On The Road Pay Cut


Kristen Stewart was so passionate about starring in the big screen adaptation of On The Road, she accepted a massive pay cut when the movie's budget was slashed.

The actress commanded millions for each installment of the Twilight franchise, but she trimmed her fee to less than $200,000 (£125,000) to portray Marylou in the film version of Jack Kerouac's classic novel.

Stewart was forced to make the sacrifice after bosses at French financier Pathe cut the budget from $35 million (£22 million) to the mid-$20 million range, and insists she was committed to playing the free-spirited character.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "(I love the role because) there is something scary and unpredictable and animalistic about Marylou." »

Tom Hanks And Michael Douglas Back New Veterans Campaign


Tom Hanks and Michael Douglas are among the famous faces lending their star power to a new scheme to support war veterans.

Alec Baldwin and Sarah Jessica Parker have also signed up to film a series of public service announcements (PSA) as part of the Got Your 6 initiative, which aims to provide help to soldiers and their families after they return from war.

A number of major movie studios and American TV networks are also backing the scheme, inspired by U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama's Joining Forces campaign.

She says in a statement, "The entertainment industry captures our imaginations, opens our eyes and touches our hearts, and I'm proud to work with them on our Joining Forces initiative. By sharing the stories of strength and resilience that define our military families, we can motivate even more Americans to honor these courageous individuals in new ways."

Universal Studios chief Ron Meyer adds, "It's an opportunity for all of us. I can't think of anything more important than supporting the troops that are coming back from active service." »

The Cabin In The Woods Gets Australian Release After Fan Petition


Joss Whedon's new horror The Cabin In The Woods has been given a cinematic release in Australia after outraged fans launched a petition when movie bosses declared the film would go straight to DVD Down Under.

The innovative film, starring Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, was released in North America and Britain in April and made more than $52 million (£32 million) at the box office worldwide.

However, film bosses decided not to give the film a theatrical release Down Under and fans were left fuming when the found out they would have to wait for the DVD.

The film's distribution company Village Roadshow was bombarded with angry messages and an online petition titled 'Save The Cabin' was set up as part of a high-profile campaign to bring The Cabin in the Woods to cinemas.

Movie bosses have now bowed to the pressure and agreed to give the movie a limited release in cities including Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

A statement from Village Roadshow reads, "Your response has been overwhelming. Thank you for being so passionate about The Cabin In The Woods... We are delighted to confirm screenings in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, along with Sydney and Melbourne, from June 14!" »

Lindsay Lohan Takes Up Spiritual Chanting


Lindsay Lohan is putting her troubles behind her by taking up spiritual chanting, according to her friend Courtney Love.

The Hole rocker got to know Lohan by giving her advice at the height of her legal problems, for which she served numerous stretches in jail and rehab over the last few years, and the pair has remained friends.

Love, who has practised Nichiren Buddhism since 1990, has now revealed Lohan is a member of an all-female group which meets at her house to practise spiritual chanting.

She tells Access Hollywood, "She's coming to my house to chant... There's like seven women coming to chant on Friday. (It's) a women's group. She's coming to chant, which is good for her."

Love adds of the chanting, "You can tell when I'm not doing it, I get in trouble and then (when) I am doing it, I don't get in trouble. It's really, really good for me. So, that's my religion." »

Irish Actress Joyce Redman Dies


Oscar-nominated Irish actress Joyce Redman has died at the age of 96.

The star passed away in Kent, England on Thursday following a short battle with pneumonia, according to her actor son Crispin Redman.

She is best known for playing Emilia alongside Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Laurence Olivier in the 1965 movie version of Othello, a role which earned her an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress.

Redman was also nominated for an Oscar in 1963 for the adventure comedy Tom Jones. »

Reese Witherspoon's Parents In Bigamy Battle


Reese Witherspoon's parents are locked in a legal battle after the actress' mother accused her husband of bigamy.

Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon, known as Betty, filed a lawsuit in Davidson County, Tennessee on Tuesday alleging the Legally Blonde star's father John Witherspoon wed another woman while still married to her.

She claims John exchanged vows with Tricianne Taylor on 14 January and she is seeking to have that union annulled, while she also states she is still in love with her husband and doesn't want a divorce, according to The Tennessean.

In an affidavit filed in court, Betty suggests her 70-year-old husband is suffering from dementia because when she confronted him about Taylor he denied knowing her and did "not remember getting married".

She also alleges he attempted to bring Taylor to their famous daughter's wedding to Jim Toth in California last March, but she wasn't allowed in: "The security officers at the wedding refused to let her in because she was not on the guest list."

Betty wants her husband's alleged second marriage to be annulled, while she is also asking the court to stop Taylor from removing any of John's assets and to return any vehicles, jewellery or other property acquired during the union. »

Rashida Jones' Rep Dismisses Drake Romance Rumours


A representative for Rashida Jones has dismissed reports the actress is dating Drake.

The Social Network star was linked to the rapper in the latest edition of America's In Touch magazine, while editors also suggested the Best I Ever Had hitmaker was seeing Tyra Banks.

However, Jones' spokesperson has distanced the actress from the speculation, telling, "This is totally false, they are just friends."

British R&B star Rita Ora also dismissed reports of a romance with Drake this week (begs07May12) after gossip emerged suggesting the singing stars had been caught kissing backstage at a gig in Newcastle, England last month. »

Alcatraz Axed


J.J. Abrams' prison drama Alcatraz has been axed after just one season on air.

The show, starring Sam Neill and Lost's Jorge Garcia, was based around America's legendary Alcatraz prison and focused on the mysterious reappearance of prisoners and guards who vanished from the island jail in the 1960s.

However, fans won't get to see a second season after bosses at the Fox network pulled the plug on the show this week (beg07May12).

Fox chiefs have also axed Bones spin-off The Finder, but they renewed Kiefer Sutherland's TV drama Touch for a second series, according to »

Megan Hilty To Play Marilyn Monroe's Lorelei Lee In New Broadway Play


Actress Megan Hilty is set to follow in Marilyn Monroe's footsteps by playing Lorelei Lee in an upcoming Broadway production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Hilty currently stars in hit U.S. TV series Smash as an aspiring actress tasked with portraying Monroe in a new musical, and life has now imitated art for the 31 year old after she signed up to portray Lee, a part made famous by the late blonde bombshell, in a Big Apple theatre show.

The production will be directed by Tony Award-winning John Rando and the actress insists she is already having fun in rehearsals.

She tells, "I'm having the time of my life. John Rando is a genius, and I feel like we're having so much fun putting this play on. And, the whole cast is so fun. All the voices are amazing, and everybody is hilarious. I think it's going to be a really good show."

Hilty will hit the stage at The New York City Center for a limited-run, beginning on Wednesday. »

Packed To The Rafters Stars Are Parents


Packed To The Rafters stars Jessica Marais and James Stewart are the proud parents of a baby girl.

The Australian actress gave birth to Scout Edie on Wednesday and a spokesperson for the couple confirms both mum and baby are healthy and well.

The representative says, "It is with much joy and pride that Jessica Marais and James Stewart announce the birth of their baby girl, Scout Edie Stewart."

It was recently confirmed that Stewart will bow out of the show to become a stay-at-home dad.

The engaged couple, who played onscreen lovers in the award-winning drama series, plan to marry later this year. »

Stars Pay Tribute To Vidal Sassoon


Actress Mia Farrow and singer Estelle are among the celebrities who have offered tributes to legendary hair icon Vidal Sassoon, who died on Wednesday.

The veteran stylist was believed to have been battling leukaemia when he passed away at his Los Angeles home at the age of 84.

Sassoon has long been credited with coming up with Farrow's famous pixie crop in Rosemary's Baby, but the star admits she had been trimming her hair herself years before making the 1968 horror classic.

In posts on her page, she writes, "(I) met him when he trimmed my hair during filming of Rosemary's Baby (but) I cut my own hair short... even before I married Frank Sinatra.

"Vidal Sassoon trimmed my inch long hair as publicity prank 4 RosemrysBaby (Rosemary's Baby and) he was nice. Rip."

Spandau Ballet rocker Martin Kemp adds, "Rip Vidal Sassoon... A wonderful man I had the pleasure to dine with once... Hats off to you sir!" while teen star Miley Cyrus writes, "Rip Vidal Sassoon. You are forever fabulous."

Estelle tweets, "Vidal Sassoon was an icon in hair and in freedom. Choosing to follow your destiny instead of the path chosen for you by man." »

Jon Hamm Dishes Out Advice To Teenage Girls


Mad Men star Jon Hamm has turned agony uncle by dishing out advice on everything from dating and sex to fashion in a new video blog aimed at teenage girls.

The actor, who plays smooth advertising executive Don Draper in the hit TV show, recorded a short film for's Ask a Grown Man blog spot, in which adults answer questions sent in by young female readers.

Hamm starts by responding to "Britney, age 16-ish" who asked what she should do about a boy who asks her out on a date one day but later changes his mind. He says, "Give the guy a break, maybe he changed his mind, maybe you changed your mind... The world's your oyster... If the guy doesn't want to get with you, don't sweat it. There's a lot of guys out there."

Hamm then moves on to fashion by answering a question from another girl about whether "guys care about a girl's style", telling her, "Guys have opinions like anybody, but you should have your own style. Dress how you feel comfortable in what you feel is your own particular style - what you like."

He also addressed the tricky topic of whether a girl should break wind in front of her boyfriend, telling the anonymous reader, "I was under the impression that girls never farted so I don't feel like I am capable of handling this. Of course... farting is farting. Everybody farts. Go and read that book Everybody Poops. It's the same thing."

He finished the blog by saying, "Well, these have been my five questions. I hope I've been helpful. I'm 41 years old. It doesn't mean you have to pay attention to me. You're probably all too young to watch Mad Men, so I don't know. Enjoy The Hunger Games."

Actor Paul Rudd previously filmed a similar installment of the Ask a Grown Man series. »

Marion Cotillard Struggled With Rust And Bone Animal Scenes


Actress Marion Cotillard struggled to put on a happy face while working with killer whales in upcoming French movie Rust And Bone because she strongly opposes holding animals in captivity.

The Oscar winner, who plays paraplegic orca trainer Stephanie in the new romantic drama, began filming the project in France last autumn but she had just a few days to prepare her water-loving character due to her busy shooting schedule.

Cotillard reveals it wasn't easy learning to swim without the use of her legs.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Training in the Mediterranean (Sea) was hard because I couldn't use my legs and there were strong currents, and it was freezing in October."

However, far more challenging was Cotillard's need to overlook her deep-rooted beliefs about caging wild animals.

She says, "I arrived directly in Antibes (in southeastern France) where their Marineland water park is. I've always had a repulsion going in a place where animals are in captivity. I had to work through my rejection of this world, which I still feel. But I had a job."

Due to a fatal accident at Florida's SeaWorld Orlando in 2010, Cotillard was never allowed in the water with the whales because of safety concerns, but her fearless behaviour impressed director Jacques Audiard.

He adds, "The day we shot, it was no longer an actress that we had but a trainer of orcas. She blew me away."

The movie is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in France later this month. »

Kurt Russell And Sacha Baron Cohen Drop Out Of Quentin Tarantino Film


Quentin Tarantino has been dealt a double blow after Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen both dropped out of his latest film project Django Unchained.

Russell was slated to team up with his Death Proof director once again in the violent western - playing Ace Woody, a villainous trainer who pits slaves against each other, but Variety reports The Thing star has now left the production.

Kevin Coster was previously lined up to play Woody and he pulled out because of scheduling difficulties.

Variety reporter Jeff Sneider writes in a post on his page, "First Kevin Costner, and now Kurt Russell has exited the cast of Qt's Django Unchained. No reason given or replacement named..."

There will be yet more reshuffling on the movie after funnyman Cohen also pulled out from a planned appearance because of scheduling conflicts.

The Borat star tells The Howard Stern Show, "That was going to be a cameo, but I had to drop out because of The Dictator's press tour."

There is no word yet on who will replace Russell in the movie, which stars Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson. »

Brooke Shields Underwent Surgery On Injured Knee


Brooke Shields has undergone an operation on her knee after injuring herself on stage in The Addams Family musical.

The actress was spotted walking with a cane at the glitzy Met Costume Institute Gala in New York on Monday and she revealed she had torn some cartilage while performing in the Broadway show.

Shields has now opened up about the injury and admitted she hurt herself months ago, but has only just had the problem fixed.

The actress says she just "heard something pop" during a routine on stage and recently underwent an operation to fix the damage, according to the New York Post gossip column Page Six. »

Eva Mendes Trained In Massage


Actress Eva Mendes has a new skill to draw on for any future roles - she's a trained masseuse.

The Hitch star learned the basic techniques growing up in a bid to help her mother's joint problems, but she recently took a professional class - and is proud of her talent.

She tells, "I just took a course in Thai massage. It sounds so funny, but I enjoy giving massages. My mom has terrible neck and back problems, so I grew up massaging her and I feel like she trained me well, so I took a course in Thai massage. I've got to say, I've been told I'm pretty good.

"In the States, I'm not certified, but overseas I am. It's harder to get certified here, in the States." »

Damian Lewis Sought Hugh Laurie's Advice For Big U.S. Move


Damian Lewis turned to Hugh Laurie for career advice in the mid-2000s after buying his London home from the House hunk.

The Homeland star moved into Laurie's old family property in Islington, but was subsequently offered the lead in U.S. show Life.

Lewis was unsure about taking up the offer, so he turned to his fellow Brit - who moved to America when he landed his role in House - for tips on how to handle a big upheaval.

He tells the Mr Porter website, "You've got to be English on a popular show and then you get to sell each other property...

"I'd never met him, I just asked his advice because he was doing so well in L.A. with House. And he said, 'It's lovely working out here, you should take the job and good luck'." »

Charlie Sheen Tackling Charity Run


Actor Charlie Sheen is set to don his running shoes for an upcoming charity race in Chicago, Illinois.

The former Two and a Half Men star has pledged his support to Pancreatic Cancer Research's Dash For Detection challenge, a five kilometre (3.1 miles) run or walk, next month.

In a post on his page, he writes, "Hello Chicago!! I'll be there to scoot... Walk or Run! Dash for detection for pancreatic cancer research June 2 in Chicago!" »

Sean Bean Questioned By Police Over Harassment Claims


Actor Sean Bean was questioned by cops in London on Wednesday over allegations he has been harassing his ex-wife, according to a U.K. report.

The Game of Thrones star attended Holborn police station for a pre-arranged interview over claims he sent abusive texts and calls to ­Georgina Sutcliffe, who he split from in 2010, reports Britain's Daily Mirror.

Bean had his fingerprints and DNA taken during his time at the station, and was later bailed as officials continue their investigation into the case.

A source tells the publication, "Georgina's a smashing girl and she just wants to get on with her life and move on after the divorce.

"There's been no suggestion of there being violence involved or threats but police take harassment ­allegations seriously."

A Scotland Yard spokesman adds, "I can confirm a man was arrested on suspicion of harassment yesterday and bailed until a later date."

Bean married Sutcliffe, his fourth wife, in 2008. »

Anna Faris Pregnant


Actress Anna Faris is pregnant with her first child.

The House Bunny star and her actor husband Chris Pratt will become parents this autumn, her representative tells

The couple wed in 2009, and has always been open about its dreams of children.

Faris has previously declared, "Chris wants a big family." »

Sean Bean Questioned By Police Over Harassment Claims

9 May 2012 7:31 PM, PDT

Actor Sean Bean was questioned by cops in London on Wednesday over allegations he has been harassing his ex-wife, according to a U.K. report.

The Game of Thrones star attended Holborn police station for a pre-arranged interview over claims he sent abusive texts and calls to ­Georgina Sutcliffe, who he split from in 2010, reports Britain's Daily Mirror.

Bean had his fingerprints and DNA taken during his time at the station, and was later bailed as officials continue their investigation into the case.

A source tells the publication, "Georgina's a smashing girl and she just wants to get on with her life and move on after the divorce.

"There's been no suggestion of there being violence involved or threats but police take harassment ­allegations seriously."

A Scotland Yard spokesman adds, "I can confirm a man was arrested on suspicion of harassment yesterday and bailed until a later date."

Bean married Sutcliffe, his fourth wife, in 2008. »

Cameron Diaz Pips Jolie To The Counselor


Cameron Diaz looks set to replace Angelina Jolie as the leading female in Ridley Scott's upcoming drug thriller The Counselor.

Jolie had previously expressed an interest in signing on for the film, which already features Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem and her fiance Brad Pitt, but scheduling difficulties are thought to have thwarted her plans and now reports Diaz is in "final negotiations" for the project.

Penelope Cruz is also said to have joined the star-studded cast, working alongside her husband Bardem.

Jolie and Pitt famously fell in love on the set of their first movie collaboration, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, in 2005. »

Anna Kendrick Lands Ellen DeGeneres As Her Interior Decorator


Actress Anna Kendrick has landed some star help to decorate her new home - comedienne and passionate interior designer Ellen DeGeneres has offered to take charge of the project.

The Twilight star recently moved into a new property in Los Angeles, but she's struggled to find the time to focus on her decor needs and moaned to DeGeneres about the difficulties she has been experiencing when she appeared on the funnywoman's U.S. talk show on Wednesday.

She explained, "I just moved in a week ago... Right now I have a mattress on the floor and just suitcases, well, cardboard boxes along the wall...

"When you move into a new house it's like every day you discover, 'Oh, this faucet is leaky' or 'This light's out' and it's my responsibility now. It's terrifying."

Kendrick admits she has no idea where to start when it comes to decorating her home, but she hopes to model her place on DeGeneres' Beverly Hills property, which was featured in trade paper Architectural Digest last November.

She told the TV presenter, "I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm trying to learn. I'm sort of buying design magazines and stuff and I have your Architectural Digest on my vision board. Your house is on my vision board. Is this creepy, or flattering?"

DeGeneres was delighted to hear Kendrick is using her home as inspiration and when the actress jokingly asked if she'd like to do her house, the comedienne jumped at the chance, insisting, "I would love to. I really would... If that's your vision, I will do your house."

She added, "It's flattering, because it's my passion, I really love doing houses. I love decorating and I love buying houses." »

Tom Hanks In Negotiations For Broadway Bow


Tom Hanks is in talks to make his Broadway debut next year in a new play about famed New York reporter Mike McAlary.

The Hollywood star will lead the cast of Lucky Guy, portraying the New York Daily News columnist who covered some of the biggest crimes and police corruption scandals in the 1980s and '90s.

McAlary died from colon cancer in 1998, aged 41.

When Harry Met Sally screenwriter Nora Ephron penned the script, which will be directed by George C. Wolfe. Rehearsals are expected to begin in January, reports the New York Times.

Hanks has not acted on stage since 1979, when he appeared in a New York production of The Mandrake. »

Damian Lewis Considered Quitting Acting


British actor Damian Lewis considered quitting acting following his flop 2003 movie Dreamcatcher because shooting the project so far from home left him feeling like a loner.

The film adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name was only Lewis' second movie, but the star power of Morgan Freeman failed to pull in viewers and it raked in just $75 million (£46 million) worldwide.

And Lewis confesses the experience alone was enough to almost put him off a career in acting.

He tells the Mr Porter website, "I was a young 30, very much on my own and a long way from home. We shot in Vancouver for five months, and I mostly just sat in my hotel room on rainy days not knowing anyone. I think it scared me off a bit." »

British Actor Richard Gent Missing


Friends and family of British actor Richard Gent have appealed for information about the whereabouts of the star after he vanished more than two weeks ago.

Gent, who appeared in U.K. TV series Torchwood and Being Human, has not been seen since 21 April, when he cancelled plans to meet friends in London.

His loved ones have now spoken out about his disappearance in a bid to locate the actor.

Gent's mother Alison tells London's Evening Standard, "We cling to the hope that someone somewhere might just recognise him and bring him back to his family who miss him so much."

Alison reveals her son had been under pressure after losing a call centre job which had supported him when he was not acting or auditioning, but adds: "He loved London so much and the buzz of the place, and he wanted to try to make it work there. This is really out of the blue."

His Being Human co-star Russell Tovey has also taken to his page to spread the word, telling his fans, "Just seen this in the paper...hope Richard contacts his family very soon." »

Carmen Electra No Longer Engaged


Model/actress Carmen Electra and rocker Rob Patterson have called off their engagement.

The couple announced plans to wed in 2008, but Electra has since ended her relationship with the Filter musician, although they remain close and are still living in the same house.

A source tells Life & Style magazine, "It's off. She hasn't been wearing her ring for a while, but they're good friends and it's been really hard for them to fully separate."

News of the split emerges a day after the beauty was unveiled as a celebrity contestant on new U.S. TV dating show The Choice.

The insider adds, "Carmen's really nervous about getting back into the dating pool, so keeping Rob around makes her feel less anxious about being single. It's not like they'll get back together. The romance part is dead. They're done."

Electra was previously married to former basketball star Dennis Rodman and Jane's Addiction rocker Dave Navarro. »

Brendan Fraser Files Lawsuit Against New Movie Bosses


Brendan Fraser has filed a $3 million (£1.8 million) lawsuit against the makers of a new movie about William Tell, amid allegations the planned project has failed to materialise.

The Mummy actor claims producer Todd Moyer hired him to star in The Legend of William Tell: 3D early last year, with the shoot scheduled to begin in October.

Fraser alleges he passed up on several lucrative jobs to commit to the project - which is reportedly still in pre-production due to financing issues.

The actor has now taken legal action and filed papers at Los Angeles County Superior Court, demanding a $2.25 million (£1.4 million) payout he insists he's entitled to whether the film shoots or not. He's also asking for additional damages, taking the amount to $3 million, reports

However, Moyer is stunned by the legal action because he's adamant the project is still on, telling the website, "This is the first I have heard of this lawsuit. As we told Mr. Fraser's reps, we are ready, willing and able to make the movie for the September 3rd start date. (Producer) Julius Nasso and I have the movie fully financed.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Fraser does not seem to be interested in making the movie as a 2D film as the producers intend to do. This is not a contractual decision Mr. Fraser has the ability to make." »


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