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Cine News: 29 March 2012

Ημερομηνία καταχώρησης: Πέμπτη, 29 Μάρ. 2012 @ 20:09:00 EEST - Συντάκτης : Jim Papamichos

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Arts & Culture

Wrath of the Titans Neeson & Fiennes Felt Silly Playing Clash Gods


Liam Neeson struggled to keep a straight face while shooting the two Clash Of The Titans movies with pal Ralph Fiennes - because the thespians felt ridiculous playing gods.

Neeson, who portrays Zeus in Clash of the Titans and sequel Wrath of the Titans, admits he had to focus on Fiennes' forehead during tense scenes between the warring brothers - to maintain his composure.

He explains, "When we did Clash of the Titans we found it hard to act with each other, so I would look at his forehead and he would look at my forehead because if we made eye contact it would go quite silly.

"We were more restrained this time (during the sequel) and had deeper, darker issues to act, so we didn't laugh as much." »

Kravitz: 'Lawrence & Hoult Are The Perfect Couple'


X-men: First Class co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult make the perfect couple, according to the pair's mutual pal Zoe Kravitz.

All three met on the set of the 2011 action movie - and Hoult and Lawrence hit it off immediately.

Now, Kravitz tells Rolling Stone magazine it was inevitable the two young stars would fall in love.

She says, "They complement each other in the most amazing way - she's crazy and impulsive, but he keeps her grounded. And she keeps him on her toes." »

Actor Stevens Dead At 92


Actor Warren Stevens has died at the age of 92.

He passed away of respiratory failure at his Sherman Oaks, California home on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

Stevens was born in Pennsylvania and enrolled as a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Force at the age of 17. He later moved to New York to pursue a career in entertainment, eventually training at The Actor's Studio.

He landed his first part in The Frogmen in 1951, and went on to star in The Barefoot Contessa with Humphrey Bogart, before taking on his most memorable role as 'Doc' Ostrow in the science fiction classic Forbidden Planet.

The actor also made a number of television guest appearances - his credits include ER, The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, I Spy, The Outer Limits, M*A*S*H, and The Mod Squad. »

Goodwin Finds Love With TV Co-star Dallas?


Actress Ginnifer Goodwin has reportedly fallen for her on-screen love interest Josh Dallas.

The star split from her fiance Joey Kern last spring, just months after becoming engaged, but Us Weekly magazine reports Goodwin has put the heartbreak behind her and has started dating her Once Upon A Time co-star.

The He's Just Not That Into You actress plays Snow White opposite Dallas as her Prince Charming, and their on-screen chemistry has allegedly spilled over into real life.

A source tells the publication, "They really hit it off. Instant chemistry."

The new couple attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party together in February and was seen enjoying a lunch date together last week in Vancouver, Canada, where the show films.

An eyewitness says, "He pushed her chair in and paid the bill, so I guess chivalry isn't dead!" »

Kardashian Blasts 'Sick' Marriage Split Reports


Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has slammed "sick" reports suggesting she's set to dump her husband Lamar Odom.

A new Star magazine article suggests Kardashian and the basketball star are heading for a split after two-and-a-half years of marriage following claims the Dallas Mavericks player cheated on her during a recent trip to a strip club in Washington, D.C.

But the Keeping Up With the Kardashians regular has hit out at the unfounded rumours in a series of posts.

Taking to her blog on Wednesday, she wrote, "Save the drama for your mama baby! Lol (laugh out loud)... it shows you how sick people are. They would rather have pain then (sic) love ... Sad world." »

Dempsey Laughs Off Death Hoax


Actor Patrick Dempsey has poked fun at false rumours suggesting he had died in a car accident by posting a funny message on on Thursday.

The Grey's Anatomy hunk, an avid car racer, became the latest celebrity to be killed off in a sick online hoax this week (begs26Mar12), and "Rip Patrick Dempsey" quickly became a trending topic on the social networking site.

But the actor, whose last tweet was sent out last week, has since brushed off the cruel joke by writing, "Hi I am back From the dead!"

Dempsey joins a long list of stars targeted by pranksters - country veteran Reba McEntire, superstar Cher and singer Jon Bon Jovi have all been 'killed off' in recent weeks. »

Winslet Forced To Shave Arms For Titanic


Actress Kate Winslet was forced to shave her arms to shoot key evening scenes for hit 1997 film Titanic - because the moonlight kept striking her peach fuzz and ruining the shot.

Winslet was just 20 years old when she stepped into the role of Rose opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in director James Cameron's blockbuster hit.

The actress recalls she was so cold shooting one particular sequence, in which she jumps from the doomed luxury liner, her arm hair stood on end and caused complications for Cameron.

She tells People magazine, "The light was catching all the little hairs on my arm and Jim (Cameron) was like, 'We're going to have to shave your arm.' So we stop filming and the make-up artist has a Bic razor and some Gillette shaving foam. It was hilarious."

But Winslet reveals she wasn't the only one affected by the chilly conditions: "Leo was just useless. He was like, 'I don't want to be cold anymore.' I did the looking after. He was a 21-year-old baby." »

McConaughey And Alves Marrying For The Kids


Recently-engaged actor Matthew McConaughey decided to make it official with the mother of his children Camila Alves so the family could all share the same last name.

The couple has been dating for over six years and has two children together - son Levi, three, and daughter Vida, two.

McConaughey proposed in December, but the Brazilian model insists marriage won't change their relationship - they're just doing it for the sake of their kids.

She tells Et Canada, "A lot of people, sometimes they're so stuck on, 'I gotta get married, I gotta get married.' They forget that the really important thing... is to have a healthy home, a healthy family, a healthy environment for your kids and to have everything going in a good, peaceful way...

"I think it's great for the kids. Levi actually understands what it means now that Mama's going to have the same last name as they have, so that's neat."

However, Alves insists she's not in a rush to get to the alter just yet: "I really haven't thought much about the wedding. We just got a new home, it's just been really busy. I'm just really enjoying being engaged." »

Gordon-levitt Lands Moore For Directorial Debut


Actor-turned-moviemaker Joseph Gordon-levitt has landed another big name for his feature film directorial debut - Julianne Moore has signed up to star alongside his pal Scarlett Johansson.

The Inception star's untitled new project will feature him as a modern-day Don Juan, who sets out to mend his ways and become a less selfish person. The Oscar nominated actress will play an unlikely mentor to his character, reports

Confirming the casting news on his blog, Gordon-Levitt writes, "I'm incredibly happy to have the brilliant Julianne Moore on board!"

Filming is due to begin in April. »

Sheen Axed Documentary Plans Because Footage Was 'Cringable'


Actor Charlie Sheen scrapped plans to release a documentary chronicling his highly-publicised meltdown last year because he couldn't bear to watch the "cringable" footage.

Sheen's popular sitcom Two and a Half Men stalled last February following a series of bizarre antics, which began with the star trashing a hotel room in New York over a missing watch and ended with his hospitalisation following an all-night party.

He was then fired from the comedy series in March after publicly feuding with producers and series creator Chuck Lorre - and the incident sent the actor on a downward spiral in which he spent several weeks making crazed public appearances.

He blasted TV executives and co-stars online, lost custody of his twin sons with his ex Brooke Mueller, made famous a number of oddball slogans, and staged a bizarre travelling one-man show called the Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option Tour.

Sheen vowed to reflect on his headline-grabbing year by releasing a documentary about his antics, but the actor has since changed his mind, confessing it was just too embarrassing to watch his own home movies.

During an appearance on U.S. breakfast show Today on Thursday, he said, "It's interesting because I was gonna do a documentary with all the footage that I shot during the tour and the whole build-up during the meltdown... and looking at a lot of (the) stuff I was like, 'Ew, wow, I can't put that back out (into the media).'

"It was a little cringable (sic), because I didn't recognise parts of who that guy was. I mean the verbage (sic) and him looking like a real insane (person)... it was a trip."

Sheen is now sober and is gearing up for a comeback with his new comedy series Anger Management, which premieres in June. »

Lohan's Probation Terminated


Lindsay Lohan's probation for a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) has officially been terminated.

The Mean Girls star was given the all clear from Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner during her final progress hearing on Thursday.

Lohan won the judge's approval after successfully fulfilling the 120 hours of community service and counselling sessions she had been ordered to complete following a 2011 necklace theft conviction, when she was already on probation for her 2007 incident.

The embattled star had previously been threatened with 270 days behind bars if she violated her probation again, but the suspended jail term was dismissed on Thursday.

Judge Sautner said, "She has done everything this court has asked of her."

However, Lohan was warned to remain on her best behaviour as she is still on probation for last year's theft, and will remain so until May, 2014.

Expressing some sympathy to the star over the permanent paparazzi presence, Judge Sautner told her, "Obey all rules. It's not that hard. I know that it can be hard when people are following you about the place, but that's the life you chose.

"Stop nightclubbing and focus on your work... You don't need to come to court anymore... I don't expect to see you again."

Lohan then thanked the judge, saying, "I just wanna say thank you for being fair. What you've done has really opened a lot of doors for me and I really appreciate it."

After the hearing was brought to a close, Lohan hugged her lawyer, Shawn Holley, and gasped, 'Oh my god."

The actress has recently been working on getting her career back on track and this week (begs26Mar12) was confirmed to make a guest appearance on the current season finale of hit TV comedy Glee.

Lohan has also been granted a work permit to head to Toronto, Canada, where she will soon begin filming a TV biopic as Dame Elizabeth Taylor, based on the late Hollywood legend's love affair with Richard Burton. »

Fanning Shuns Social Networking Sites


Former child star Dakota Fanning stays away from social networking websites because she values her privacy and is wary of impostors.

The 18-year-old actress doesn't have a page on either Facebook or Twitter and she is adamant she will never sign up.

She tells Wonderland magazine, "I really don't need to let people know where I am and what I'm doing. I feel like a lot of people want their privacy but yet they... tell people where they are. It's just not for me. I don't have a Facebook or Twitter and I won't ever.

"There's plenty of impostors out there! There's enough Dakota Fannings on Twitter for all of us!" »

Efron Used Hudgens' Trainer For The Lucky One


Zac Efron had a bizarre connection to his personal trainer for The Lucky One - the instructor had previously whipped the actor's ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens into shape for Sucker Punch.

The Hollywood hunk stars in the upcoming film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' bestselling novel, about a Marine who searches for the woman he believes is his good luck charm, and Efron gained 25 pounds (11.3 kilograms) by regularly guzzling a chicken puree.

He also worked out with a keep-fit instructor to bulk up - and he had a personal connection to the exercise expert.

Efron tells, "Physically I started eating a lot. Eating through walls. Just eating and eating. That's all I'd do and I put on some weight that way.

"As far as the training goes, (I was) just trying different techniques and methods and working with a guy who I met who trained Vanessa during Sucker Punch... It's one of the only concrete things that you can do to feel differently about a character. I didn't feel like a Marine. I didn't have the posture. I didn't feel like I had the presence and that was just one thing for me that I could do to really up that change."

The High School Musical co-stars split in 2010. »

Lynch Puckers Up With Bomer In Glee


Matt Bomer received a warm welcome on the Glee set - Jane Lynch kissed him on the lips during their first scene together.

The actor recently joined the cast to play Darren Criss' older brother Cooper, but admits his most memorable Glee moment was shared with Lynch, who plays acid-tongued cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester.

He tells TV Line, "I think Jane sussed out right away that my character was just all over the map, just a complete hot mess. And so she knew that whatever greeting they had together would be completely inappropriate. So she said, 'Matt, on this take, just kiss me on the lips.' I said, 'Great. You don't have to ask me twice.'

"It was nice. She had a lovely lip gloss on that tasted quite nice."

Bomer also reveals he landed the cameo after approaching creator Ryan Murphy about incorporating the Gotye hit Somebody That I Used to Know in the script.

He adds, "I had heard the Gotye song and I asked Ryan if he ever thought of using that as a duet on the show. And he said he had. And then a week later I got a text from him asking me if I wanted to come on the show to sing it. And I said, 'Absolutely!'" »

Hamm Was Wary Of Mad Men Title


Actor Jon Hamm was wary of auditioning for a role in Mad Men - because he thought the title of the show was dreadful.

The star was unimpressed when he saw the premise for American cable network AMC's drama, but soon changed his mind when he read the script.

And he vowed to longterm partner Jennifer Westfeldt he'd do anything to land the now-iconic role of advertising executive Don Draper.

Hamm tells Britain's Esquire magazine, "I remember picking it up (and thinking) Mad Men: s**tty title. AMC: network no-one's ever heard of. Two strikes. Then I read it...

"I said to her, 'This is the best pilot I've ever read in my life'. She's going, 'What? That's never the response to a pilot. Sometimes, at best, you're like, 'Hey! It's not terrible!' And I just thought, 'I have to be in this show'. And thus began the long, winding road to getting cast." »

Green Laughs Off Depp Rumours


Eva Green has laughed off rumours linking her to her Dark Shadows co-star Johnny Depp, branding the gossip "ridiculous".

The former Bond girl signed up last year to star alongside the enigmatic actor in Tim Burton's remake of the 1960s vampire TV show, and rumours later swirled that they'd grown close on set.

But Green has now spoken out to address the speculation, insisting she found it hilarious.

She tells British GQ, "It was ridiculous. These people must be rather bored. (My boyfriend) laughed. It's funny." »

Sutherlands Teaming Up Again For New Western


Kiefer Sutherland and his father Donald are preparing to team up once again to star in an upcoming Western movie.

The father/son duo first played opposite each other in 1983's Max Dugan Returns, the 24 star's first movie role, and they reunited on set for 1996's A Time To Kill.

Now, 16 years on, the stars are plotting a new project, which will begin filming later this year, according to Donald.

He tells, "I am loathe to tell you anything about it. I can tell you it has a temporary title of Redemption, and it's a western, and it's about a father, and a son who comes back, then goes away again." »

Keaton's Sisters Suspected Bulimia Battle


Acting legend Diane Keaton was shocked by her sisters' reaction when she confessed to her secret bulimia battle - because her siblings always knew the star had issues with food and brushed her remarks aside.

The Oscar-winning Annie Hall actress stunned fans when she revealed in her memoir, Then Again, last year that she spent years gorging on food and bringing it back up in secret.

But her revelations had less impact on her loved ones, who suspected Keaton suffered an eating disorder at the time.

She tells Aarp magazine, "With bulimia, I never expected sympathy or for people to understand. What I cared about was the secret I kept. It felt like a burden. I never told my mother.

"But when I finally told my sisters many years after the fact, they weren't that shocked. My sister Robin said, 'Yeah, you ate a lot of hamburgers back then.' It's amazing how the dark secrets inside us don't matter much to the outside world." »

Smith Wants To Take Clerks To Broadway


Filmmaker Kevin Smith is planning to revive Clerks - on Broadway.

The director wants to make a third installment to follow up his cult movies Clerk and Clerks II, but only if he can launch it on the New York stage.

Smith hopes to open the play at the end of 2014 to mark the 20th anniversary of his directorial debut Clerks, about two convenience store workers.

Chatting about his plans at a book signing on Tuesday, he explained, "I do want to do it as a play... That would make me excited - to do a f**kin' live show."

But Smith will only go ahead with his plans if Clerks star Jeff Anderson will commit to performing in a live show.

He adds, "The one person who will be the hurdle on this... the person I'm going to have to convince, that's Jeff Anderson... If I can't convince him, there's no point in doing it; he is the key to Clerks for me. If he says yeah, then that's what we'll do - we'll do it as a Broadway play, which I think will be so fun for all of us." »

Kardashian's Fury Over Cruz Report


Kim Kardashian is fuming over a U.S. tabloid report suggesting she's snagged her pal Eva Longoria's ex-boyfriend Eduardo Cruz.

The socialite, who ended her marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries in October, was said to have been planning a "romantic trip to Mexico" and sending "sexy pics" to Cruz, who recently split from the Desperate Housewives star.

Kardashian insists editors at InTouch magazine were warned the story was false, and has taken to her page to set the record straight.

She writes, "I'm used to rumors & almost never address them. It's not ok when magazines like InTouch involve my close friends in their made up stories. They were told by multiple people that their current cover isn't true, but they decided to go ahead & run it anyway. So there you have it." »

Gomez's Rep Dismisses Carrie Report


A representative for Selena Gomez has dismissed reports the singer/actress lost out on the lead in a movie remake of Stephen King's chilling horror tale Carrie to Chloe Grace Moretz, insisting she never auditioned for the role.

The Hugo actress, 15, was unveiled this week (begs27Mar12) as the star tackling possessed teenager Carrie White in the supernatural film, taking on the role made famous by a young Sissy Spacek in director Brian De Palma's classic 1976 adaptation.

Subsequent reports claimed Gomez had tried to land the iconic part, but her rep has been quick to brush off the rumours, telling the 19 year old was "never even up for the role". »

Dallas Bosses Recreate Infamous Shower Scene For Ad


Producers of the new series of legendary drama Dallas have made a cheeky reference to the show's most famous moment in a billboard advertisement for the relaunch.

Viewers were left stunned in 1986 when Bobby Ewing came back from the dead after he passed away following a car crash the previous season.

The infamous plot peaked when the character, played by Patrick Duffy, was found by his grieving widow Pamela enjoying a morning shower, and his death - and the entire season - was explained away as a dream.

The audacious move sparked anger and awe in equal measure among fans of the show - and producers of the upcoming relaunch have boldly referenced the programme's most famous moment in a new ad.

The poster shows Duffy and his original co-stars Larry Hagman and Linda Gray in a shower alongside newcomers Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo and Brenda Strong - with the slogan, "They're back. And no, you're not dreaming." »

Gervais Fears For U.K.'S Elderly


Ricky Gervais has slammed the treatment of old folk in his native U.K., insisting the country needs to pull together to help its ageing population.

The Office creator stars as a worker in a residential care home in his new self-penned comedy Derek, and researching the show gave him a chilling insight into the problems faced by Britain's older generations.

He tells The Sun, "No one cares about old people in this country. There is a sort of army of youth, but getting old is the one thing that will happen to everyone." »

Cumming Almost Snubbed Good Wife Role


Alan Cumming initially wanted to turn down his role in The Good Wife - because he struggled to understand the complicated script.

The Scottish actor wasn't interested in playing spin doctor Eli Gold in the hit legal drama and only considered joining the cast on the advice of his manager.

He tells Britain's Metro, "They initially only asked me to do one or two episodes of the show, and, to be honest, I didn't really want to. I read the script and I didn't understand it. But my manager said I should do it - and that's what you pay a manager for, to force you to do things you don't realise are a great idea."

Cumming also admits he didn't do any research into playing a campaign stategist, adding, "None at all... I actually think my lack of knowledge in the field is quite good; people give me the material and I just fake it." »

Stone In Talks For Musical Role


Actress Emma Stone is reportedly in talks to show off her musical skills in a new movie adaptation of hit fairytale stage show Into The Woods.

Director Rob Marshall, who famously brought Chicago and Nine to the big screen, has signed up to take charge of a movie version of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's hit musical and he is said to have approached The Help star to tackle one of the lead roles.

They were spotted having dinner together in the Big Apple on Wednesday and New York Post gossip column Page Six reports they were talking about Stone's potential role in Into The Woods. »

Bush Cried Over Director's Chair Offer


Sophia Bush broke down in tears after she was asked to direct the penultimate One Tree Hill episode, calling it an "amazing honour" to be put in charge.

The actress, who plays Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill, sobbed when producers called her into a meeting and asked if she wanted to step behind the camera.

Bush has directed the show in the past, but insists it was "very poignant" to helm the second to last episode.

She recalls, "It was this weird thing where I was like, 'Why is everyone sitting down? I feel like I'm being called in the principal's office.' I burst into tears and acknowledged what an amazing honour that was to be trusted with that.

"Everything was really important and everything was really valuable. Because I knew that it was the last chance that I was going to have to tell these stories and to honour these characters and to really show their relationships. It just felt supremely important."

Bush admits she was an emotional wreck after filming wrapped in November, but she's beginning to enjoy having free time to herself.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "For weeks everyone stopped calling me Sophia and just started calling me waterworks everywhere I went. (Now) being able to walk my dogs in my own neighborhood and being able to see my family and see my friends that I grew up with that I didn't get to see for nine years has all just been great." »

Lohan Completes Community Service


Lindsay Lohan has completed her court-ordered community service and vowed to end her legal troubles once and for all after her probation is officially terminated.

The Hollywood actress has been working at the Los Angeles County Morgue and undergoing therapy sessions as part of her punishment for her 2011 conviction on a probation violation.

She completed her last therapy session on Tuesday and finished her final day at the morgue on Wednesday ahead of a final progress hearing with Judge Stephanie Sautner on Thursday, when her probation is expected to be ended.

Lohan spoke to reporters after her last day of community service and vowed never to set foot in court again after Thursday.

The actress told she was "very excited" to have reached her final day of community service, and when asked whether Thursday will mark her last ever appearance before a judge she said, "Yes".

Lohan also revealed she will be celebrating the end of her probation by having dinner with her younger sister, Ali. »

Lee Apologises For Publishing Couple's Address


Hollywood director Spike Lee has issued an apology to an elderly Florida couple after he published their address on the internet in connection with the death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

The moviemaker thought he was retweeting the address of neighbourhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, who shot Martin dead in a Florida gated community on 26 February, sparking outrage and protests across the U.S.

However, the address he posted to his page was actually the home of Elaine and David McClain, who have a son named William George Zimmerman - no relation to the Zimmerman involved in the shooting case.

The McClains claim they have been forced to leave their property after receiving threats and Lee has now apologised for wrongly publishing their address online.

In a post on, he writes, "I deeply apologise to the McClain Family for retweeting their address. It was a mistake. please leave the McClain's (sic) in peace." »

Lawrence Stunned School Inspectors With Toilet Theory


The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence refuses to wash her hands after using public restrooms after a school experiment proved her theory that sinks are a hotbed for killer germs.

The actress admits her eighth grade science project almost shut down her school, because she uncovered the filth in the toilets.

She tells Rolling Stone, "I had this theory that hand washing is overrated. And it was true: The bathroom door had the same bacteria as the toilet seat, and the sink was the dirtiest part - it was dirtier than the toilet handle." »

Dawson's Graphic Novel To Be Turned Into TV Series


Rosario Dawson's graphic novel is to be adapted for TV and the actress is slated to play a character she created.

The Sin City star has teamed up with The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd to turn her O.C.T. concept into a new drama for America's A&E channel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Dawson's comic book chronicles the adventures of New York's Occult Crimes Taskforce.

She created the graphic novel with David Atchison. »

Lawrence Was Too Rough For Abercrombie & Fitch


The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence missed her chance to become an Abercrombie & Fitch model because she took a beach football shoot too seriously.

The actress thought she had landed a big modelling break when she was offered the chance to take part in a group session for the trendy clothing store, but her sporty, tom boy nature let her down.

When no shots of her appeared in the finished adverts, her father called the modelling agency behind the shoot and the photographer handed over the negatives.

Lawrence tells Rolling Stone magazine, "All the other girls are looking cute, modelling while playing football, and my face is bright red, my nostrils are flared, and I'm mid-leap, about to tackle this girl.

"I'm not even looking at the camera. The other girls were like, 'Get her away from me'." »

Winslet Embarrassed By 'Awful' Titanic Performance


Kate Winslet feels embarrassed by her performance in 1997's Titanic because her American accent was "awful" and her acting "could have been better".

Winslet stepped out in London on Tuesday night for the premiere of the new 3D version of the film, and she admitted that despite being Oscar-nominated for her role in the epic movie, she wasn't happy with her performance.

She tells CNN, "Every single scene, I'm like 'Really, really? You did it like that? Oh my God.'

"Even my American accent, I can't listen to it. It's awful. Hopefully it's so much better now. It sounds terribly self indulgent but actors do tend to be very self-critical. I have a hard time watching any of my performances, but watching Titanic I was just like 'Oh God, I want to do that again.'"

Winslet added to, "My American accent could've been much better. My acting could've been a lot better." »

Ferrell Confirms Anchorman Sequel


Will Ferrell has delighted Anchorman fans by confirming his comedy creation Ron Burgundy will be back for a second movie outing.

A follow-up to 2004 cult comedy Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy, which starred Ferrell as an obnoxious 1970s newsman, has long been mooted, but Ferrell has now revealed he is working on a sequel.

The actor appeared in character as Burgundy during an appearance on Conan O'Brien's America TV talk show on Wednesday to announce the news to fans.

He said, "As of 09:00 Mountain Time, Paramount Pictures and myself, Ronald Joseph Aaron Burgundy, have come to terms on a sequel to Anchorman. It is official! There will be a sequel to Anchorman. There will be a sequel.”

It is not yet known if Ferrell's co-stars Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate will be returning in the new film. »

Pegg Spooked Twitter Followers With Ghost Tweets


British funnyman Simon Pegg played a spooky prank on his followers when he pretended he'd found a ghost in his attic.

The Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol star was so stunned by all the tweets he received from fans after revealing he'd woken one morning to find the door to his attic mysteriously open that he decided to turn the moment into a ghost hunt.

He explains, "So then I said that I woke up in the morning and my dog was underneath, looking up at it (door) and it was shut, which was a lie. And then the next morning I said, 'It's open again!'

"I started to get the people genuinely, like, 'There's something going on, man... Get up there,' and so I said, 'Right, I'm gonna go up there and check what's going on...' and then I didn't tweet for three days.

"I got my best friend Nick Frost... and my sister Kate to tweet, 'I'm just going round to see if Simon's Ok; I haven't heard from him for a while,' and then they didn't tweet for three days.

"I wrote to a friend of mine in Greece and got the Greek translation for the sentence: 'They are my children now, do not try to find them. They are with me...' and I tweeted it in Greek script, so that all the people were on Google, going, 'What does it mean, what does it mean...? Oh my God!'"

When Pegg finally returned to Twitter he received hatemail for his "bad ending".

He adds, "It was like I had written (hit TV series) Lost or something." »

Hutcherson Not Sure About Hunger Games Nickname


The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson has been left far from impressed by fans' clever wordplay on posters at the film's premieres - because some have dubbed the movie's lead couple 'Peeniss'.

The actor plays Peeta Mellark in the hit film and co-star Jennifer Lawrence portrays heroine Katniss Everdeen - and devotees have combined the characters' names to create one new moniker.

Hutcherson explains, "People like to combine names, like Brangelina, and Peeta and Katniss can lead to 'Peeniss'.

"We had girls come up to us when we were doing signings... and they would say, 'I love Peeniss'... What do you say to that?" »

Neeson Confirmed For The Dark Knight Rises


Liam Neeson will reprise his role of Ra's Al Ghul for The Dark Knight Rises - ending months of speculation about his casting in the eagerly awaited blockbuster.

Neeson's character was killed off in 2005's Batman Begins but there have been several rumours about the villain's return in Christopher Nolan's final Caped Crusader movie.

And his appearance was finally confirmed in the production notes of his fantasy epic Wrath of Titans. The press notes state, "Neeson next appears in Peter Berg's actioner Battleship, and he also will be seen in Christopher Nolan's much-anticipated action thriller The Dark Knight Rises."

It's believed Neeson's villainous character wil be used in flashback scenes, with actor Josh Spence already confirmed as a younger version of Ra's Al Ghul.

Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway also star in the much-anticipated superhero blockbuster. »

Plimpton's Rep Denies Pregnancy Reports


A representative for Martha Plimpton has blasted reports the Emmy-nominated TV star is pregnant with her first child.

Editors at America's Star magazine claim the Raising Hope actress and her boyfriend Edward Owens are starting a family together, even quoting an insider as saying Plimpton "has wanted this for a long time".

But the 41 year old's publicist has dismissed the gossip, telling WENN, "This is completely false. Zero truth to this."

Plimpton has previously described her frustration at being asked about whether she plans to have kids, admitting she's sick of the constant line of questioning.

Last year, she told New York magazine, "Oh, God, this subject! You're 40, you're getting old, your ovaries are drying up. The gynaecologist is like, 'So, are you thinking about it?' It's just the question everybody - no offence - feels like they can ask. Like, 'So, what are you going to do with your reproductive organs?'" »

Klein: 'I Would Have Been Dead If I Didn't Seek Alcoholism Help'


American Pie star Chris Klein feels like the "luckiest guy alive" after winning his alcoholism battle.

The 33-year-old movie star admits he likes to remind himself how close he came to death before two DUI arrests and a jail stint brought him to his senses and prompted him to get help.

He tells People magazine, "I would have died, and I think about that every single day.

"It got to the point where I was a fragile shadow of the young man that came into this business. Today, I'm the luckiest guy alive."

Klein is currently celebrating 19 months of sobriety as he promotes American Pie sequel American Reunion. »

PETA Offer To Support Kardashian Flour Bomber


The animal rights activist who attacked Kim Kardashian with flour at a charity event in Hollywood last week has been offered support from officials at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Kardashian initially threatened to sue PETA bosses - because she thought the organisation was behind the anti-fur protest, but they distanced themselves from the flour attack and insisted they had nothing to do with it.

It has since emerged that leading PETA activist Michelle Cho's sister Christina was the woman behind the flour-bombing - and she acted alone - but group bosses plan to back her if Kardashian opts to fight back.

A PETA spokeswoman says, "We know Christina as a very kind, wonderful long time volunteer. At a reception at our L.A. office last month she was with a group who watched this (fur farm) video and was visibly shaken. We will support her totally."

And Cho's sister, who was introduced to PETA by her sibling, adds, "I am not my sister's keeper, but I love her and have seen her sacrifice a lot of herself as a terrific activist. We work in different ways to help stop animal suffering. It is Christina who got me into the movement to protect animals, and I'll always be grateful to her for opening my eyes." »

Lawrence Stripped For Kravitz


Actress Zoe Kravitz was shocked the first time she visited new best friend Jennifer Lawrence at her apartment, because The Hunger Games star stripped in front of her and started shaving her legs.

Kravitz agreed to meet up with Lawrence when the two were cast in the X-Men: First Class movie - but had no idea she'd be seeing so much of the young star.

Kravitz, the daughter of Lawrence's The Hunger Games co-star Lenny Kravitz, tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I'd met her a few times, and she was like, 'You should come over and we'll hang out.' So I go over to her apartment, and she opens the door in a towel.

"She's like, 'Come in, sorry, you're early, I was about to shower.' And she drops her towel and gets in the shower, and starts shaving her legs, totally naked.

"She was like, 'Are we here yet? Is this Ok?' And I was like, 'I guess we're there!'"

The two became fast friends and Lawrence accompanied her pal to dad Lenny's Paris pad whenever they both had downtime while shooting the X-Men prequel. »

Facinelli Files For Divorce


Twilight star Peter Facinelli has put the final nail in his marriage after announcing he and wife Jennie Garth had split earlier this month - he has filed for divorce.

Citing irreconcilable differences for the break-up, the actor notes the date of separation as 1 January, 2012.

The couple was married for 11 years and Garth and Facinelli have three daughters, aged between five and 14.

In the court papers, filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday and obtained by, Facinelli is requesting joint physical and legal custody of the kids. »

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