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Cine News: 8 March 2012

Ημερομηνία καταχώρησης: Πέμπτη, 08 Μάρ. 2012 @ 20:58:00 EET - Συντάκτης : Jim Papamichos

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Arts & Culture

Bridesmaids Bridesmaids Star Joins Only Fools U.S. Cast

Bridesmaids star Wendi McLendon-covey has signed on to join the cast of America's adaptation of beloved British TV sitcom Only Fools & Horses.

She will play the ex-wife of John Leguizamo's character Del in the pilot, according to

Joining the couple will be Dustin Ybarra, as Rodney, and Christopher Lloyd as Grandad. »

Winslet, Knightley & Bonham Carter Make Top British Female Power Players List

Actresses Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Helena Bonham Carter and Tilda Swinton have been named among Britain's top 50 female power players in a new list compiled to mark International Women's Day.

Officials from the U.K.'s Women in Film and TV organisation have created a countdown of the country's biggest and brightest talents to celebrate the ladies who have made an impact on the entertainment industry.

Other celebrities to make the cut include actresses Dame Maggie Smith, Carey Mulligan, Naomie Harris and Miranda Hart, while The Iron Lady director Phyllida Lloyd, Wuthering Heights filmmaker Andrea Arnold and We Need to Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsay have also earned a mention. »

Longoria Splits From Cruz - Report

Eva Longoria has split from boyfriend Eduardo Cruz, according to U.S. reports.

A source close to the actress and her beau, who had been together for a year, tells that Cruz has returned to his native Madrid, Spain.

The insider says, "It was a mutual decision. They are staying friends."

Cruz is actress Penelope Cruz's brother. The Vicky Cristina Barcelona star introduced the pair at a party. »

Bynes Flees Scene Of A Crime

Actress Amanda Bynes faces legal action after fleeing the scene of a crime when she was pulled over for a traffic violation on Wednesday.

The Hairspray star was driving in Los Angeles when a cop spotted the 25 year old talking on her cell phone.

The officer approached the beauty's car, collected her information and returned to his vehicle to write up the citation, but Bynes bailed before he could give her a ticket.

Law enforcement officials decided not to pursue the actress as she wasn't deemed a threat to society and Bynes later stopped by a police station to pick up her citation.

But, according to, the Easy A star still faces potential legal action for prematurely leaving the scene. »

Cherry Goes Into Detail About Sheridan 'Hit'

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has revisited the moment he hit Nicollette Sheridan on the head during his latest testimony in the actress' wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

The writer/producer returned to the witness stand on Thursday morning and recounted the conversation that led to him demonstrating an action he wanted the star to try out instead of an exit line that featured a quote from a Beatles song.

Cherry explained the line had to be removed from the script over fears it would upset the Beatles.

When Sheridan realised her comic moment had been erased, she asked Cherry to write her another one and he suggested a physical action instead.

To help her understand what he meant, Cherry told the court he said, "Just give him a pinch or a thing on the head. I reached out and tapped her on the side of the head."

He added, "She got this look on her face (and said), 'You just hit me'. She then turned and walked off the set."

Cherry revealed he later visited Sheridan's trailer and apologised: "I remember being nervous because of what she had yelled out and what she accused me of... I didn't feel comfortable being alone with her in that trailer.

"I said, 'Nicollette, I was demonstrating some business for you. What I wanted you to do.' She seemed to understand... We ended up with my going in (the trailer) and hugging. Once the hug was over I turned around and... complimented her on the decor of her trailer. I hadn't been there in quite a while. Then I left.

"I apologised to Nicollette... It was a sincere apology that I had... inadvertently upset her. I wasn't apologising for hitting her because I hadn't hit her."

Sheridan maintains she was fired from the show for complaining to TV network bosses about the incident.

Earlier this week (begs05Mar12), Cherry stated he had decided to kill off her character Edie Britt months before. »

Aubry's Child Endangerment Case Dropped

Los Angeles officials have dropped a child endangerment case against Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

Child minder Alliance Kamdem, hired by both Berry and Aubry, filed a police report against the model in January, claiming she was pushed against a door while holding the couple's three-year-old daughter, Nahla.

The altercation prompted officials at the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services to launch an investigation into the incident amid concerns over the child's welfare and both Aubry and the actress were later questioned.

Aubry recently escaped battery charges due to "insufficient evidence" and now the case, which was heard in a California dependency court on Thursday, has been dropped.

According to, the matter was sent back to a family court.

The Monster's Ball beauty split from Aubry in 2010 and the former couple has been embroiled in a custody battle over little Nahla ever since. »

Frost And Boy George Launch Blood Contest

British actress Sadie Frost and singer Boy George are calling on amateur photographers to snap blood-themed pictures to support a hepatitis charity.

The winner of the contest will have their work exhibited in London's West Bank Gallery and auctioned off at a star-studded gala hosted by DJ Pete Tong in Ibiza, Spain in May.

Proceeds from the sale will be handed over to The Hepatitis C Trust, a non-profit U.K. charity offering support for patients with the disease.

Frost says, "Everyone has the opportunity to take great photos with the technology around today. Blood is an interesting theme, as it will make people think about what an unknown quantity blood can be, and help raise vital awareness of hepatitis C. We look forward to receiving some exciting entries!"

British rocker Pete Doherty is all too familiar with blood art - he recently unveiled a collection of paintings created with his own body fluid at London's Cob Gallery. »

Moss Advertisement Sends Four To The Hospital

A billboard featuring supermodel Kate Moss became a health hazard in London on Wednesday when it came crashing down, sending four pedestrians to hospital.

The towering 15-foot (4.6 metre) Mango fashion advertisement of the British beauty on Oxford Street collapsed, trapping the four shoppers.

They were treated at a nearby medical centre for minor injuries.

Health and Safety officials are currently inspecting the hoarding to ensure that the poster had been properly secured. »

Batali Settles Tip Lawsuit

Gwyneth Paltrow's restaurateur pal Mario Batali has agreed to pay $5.25 million (£3.28 million) to settle a lawsuit for allegedly confiscating tips from employees.

The famous TV chef and his business partner Joseph Bastianich were accused of deducting a portion of tips from the servers, busboys, and bartenders who were employed at their range of eateries to supplement their earnings.

In 2010, a group of disgruntled workers launched a legal battle against Batali and Bastianich, claiming the scheme dated as far back as 2004, and now the two parties have reached a settlement.

Batali's lawyer, Carolyn D. Richmond, issued a statement which reads, "The matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties."

According to the New York Times, Batali and Bastianich, who have maintained their innocence throughout the proceeding, have agreed to shell out over $5 million (£3.1 million) to resolve the case.

The settlement must now be approved by a judge. »

Lee Encourages Fans To Write To Snipes In Prison

Director Spike Lee has urged fans of his incarcerated pal Wesley Snipes to write to the actor to keep his spirits up as he serves time behind bars.

The filmmaker paid the Blade star a visit on Monday at the Pennsylvania prison where he is currently serving a three-year sentence for tax evasion, and revealed that Snipes is "in great shape mentally, physically and spiritually".

But Lee is encouraging the actor's devotees not to forget about him while he's out of the spotlight and suggests they send him notes to keep him entertained.

In a post on Thursday, he writes, "Send Your Prayers And Blessings To Our Brother Mr.Wesley Snipes.Your Letters Will Mean The World To Him."

Snipes has always maintained his innocence and insists he was duped by tax advisors. »

Hammer Horror Executives Appeal For Lost Footage

Bosses at Britain's famed Hammer horror film studios have appealed to the public to help recover lost scenes edited from classic films like The Curse Of Frankenstein.

A number of scenes were cut from the studio's releases after U.K. censors deemed them too gory or shocking for audiences and Hammer Film Productions executives have since discovered that the film reels containing the edited clips have not been archived.

Peter Naish, Hammer's senior vice-president of distribution, says, "We're fairly sure they exist in private collections, instead of official archives.

"There's a network of Hammer fans and collectors who snap these things up, so we need to scour the whole world and appeal to the fans at large to see what we can come up with."

Nine key clips from six of the studios' most iconic movies, including The Mummy and Rasputin: The Mad Monk, have been identified - and one of the most sought-after features actor Peter Cushing in 1957's The Curse of Frankenstein, in which a severed head is dropped into a bathtub full of acid.

Naish adds, "I think that one's iconic - that would be the one people would most want to see. But if we can find any others, that would be great."

Studio bosses hope the worldwide appeal will prove a success and aid them as they work to restore all of the edited films as part of an ongoing project. »

Seagal Hit With Lawsuit Over Reality Show

Actor Steven Seagal has been hit with a new lawsuit for allegedly arresting an Arizona man for TV ratings.

The Under Siege star, who is a reserve deputy sheriff, was filming an episode of Steven Seagal: Lawman in March, 2011, when he allegedly helped raid the home of Jesus Llovera, who was believed to be raising fighting roosters, which is a felony.

Cops carried out a search of the man's property and then arrested the Phoenix resident after finding dangerous accessories and more than 100 chickens. He was later charged with raising animals for cockfighting and illegal possession of veterinary drugs.

Llovera has maintained his innocence, insisting he raised the roosters for show, and on Tuesday he filed a civil lawsuit against Seagal and members of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, claiming his arrest was staged to make good television.

Llovera, who is seeking unspecified damages, tells local publication Az Central, "What they showed up for was to make a show, and they made one."

The episode in question was set to air in America on 4 January but the show's third season was pulled. »

Grace Edited Star Wars Film

Actor Topher Grace indulged his love of Star Wars by spending nine months editing together the three prequels to make one 85-minute movie.

The Spider-Man 3 star is a big fan of George Lucas' sci-fi franchise and he decided to use his passion for Star Wars to learn how to edit films.

He called his project Star Wars: Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back and he screened it for a select group of industry friends this week (beg05Mar12), telling, "It took about nine months to do. But I was learning and experimenting how to edit at the same time. Hopefully this will segue into a series of some sort." »

Cult Brit Series Skins Axed

Cult British TV show Skins, which helped launched the careers of Nicholas Hoult and Dev Patel, has been axed after seven series.

The show, about a group of hard-partying young teens, became an instant hit when it debuted in 2007, pulling in 1.5 million viewers.

Hoult made his return to the spotlight following his role in About A Boy as a child - he stayed for two series before heading to Hollywood for parts in A Single Man and X-Men: First Class.

His co-star Patel went on to international acclaim for his turn in Slumdog Millionaire in 2008.

The show has since swapped casts several times but failed to keep audiences interested, and now bosses at broadcaster Channel 4 have confirmed the next season, to be aired in 2013, will be the last.

A statement from the network reads, "Skins is a brilliant show which has defined a generation and will go down as a truly iconic, game-changing piece of television.

"After seven series it is time for E4 to make way for the next generation of the bold, the new and the innovative." »

Oliver Hits Out Over Weight Jibe

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver turned the air blue at a press conference in Australia on Wednesday when he was quizzed over his weight.

The British cook was answering questions from the media during a promotional trip to Sydney when he clashed with a journalist following a comment about his expanding waistline.

Asked if he's piled on the pounds since his last trip Down Under, the kitchen wizard snapped, "I don't know. I think the last time I had a filling in my teeth, which was quite recently, I was in good nick (condition). But really, I am not really sure. Are you from a tabloid? Thanks for noticing, you b**ch."

Oliver has famously waged war against obesity in the U.S. and his native U.K., launching a highly publicised scheme to improve school lunches. »

Hamm Blasts Hilton And Kardashian

Actor Jon Hamm has accused Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton of making "stupidity" fashionable.

The Mad Men star is dismayed at the dumbing-down of celebrity culture in recent years, insisting being a "f**king idiot" is almost a guarantee of success.

And he's singled out hotel heiress Hilton and reality TV star Kardashian as emblematic of the problem.

Hamm tells Britain's Elle magazine, "We're at a place where the idea of being 'elite' is somehow considered a negative. Whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f**king idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you're rewarded significantly. And incuriousness has become cool... It's celebrated. It doesn't make sense to me." »

Firth Honoured With Freedom Of London

Oscar-winning star Colin Firth has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London for his stellar acting career.

The British actor was given the honour at a ceremony in the U.K. capital on Thursday. It traditionally permits the recipient to be drunk and disorderly on the streets of the city without fearing arrest, and to drive sheep over London Bridge - but these privileges are mainly symbolic in modern times.

Speaking ahead of the ceremony, The King's Speech star Firth told the BBC, "London is my home and I'm hugely touched and honoured by this gesture."

Previous recipients of the traditional honour include ex-Prime Ministers Benjamin Disraeli and Robert Peel, and writer Rudyard Kipling. »

Davis Feared She Would Have To Give Baby Back

Kristin Davis was "terrified" during the first 48 hours with her adopted daughter because the actress was warned she would have to give the baby back if the birth mother changed her mind.

The Sex and the City star became a first-time mum last year when she adopted Gemma Rose as a single parent, and she opened up about the experience in an interview with TV newsman Anderson Cooper.

Davis reveals adoption officials told her not to get too attached to the child during the first few days, as the birth mother had 48 hours to change her mind before the adoption was finalised.

She says, "It is terrifying, partly because with adoption you always know there's the chance that it won't work. So you're on pins and needles.

"They tell you that when (the child) first comes, you should think of it as babysitting in case the birth mum changes her mind. Every state is different, but in (California) it's 48 hours. So you're trying to think that you're a babysitter but that's kind of impossible!"

Davis, 47, also admits she struggled to get to grips with the process as there are so many rules governing whether single people can adopt: "I had always thought in the back of my head that I would adopt - that it was a possibility. So I started the process... but it's quite confusing. There are all these different rules and if you're single it's harder."

David also found herself worrying unnecessarily over her daughter's health and even had nightmares, adding, "When I first got her I would sleep with her on my chest, because when you adopt you're very concerned about bonding. You're not supposed to have comforters or anything around, obviously, because they could suffocate.

"So every night I would have these nightmares that she's under the comforter. I still - seven months later - have that. I'll wake up and be like, 'Where's Gemma? Where's Gemma?'... and she's in her crib, safe and sound." »

Beckham Pelted With Beer Can

David Beckham slammed supporters at a soccer match in Canada on Wednesday when a member of the crowd threw a beer can at him.

The British sportsman was in Ontario with his Los Angeles Galaxy teammates for a match against Toronto Fc but the game was marred when a rival fan hurled the missile.

Beckham, who was waiting to take a corner kick when the incident happened, was seen picking up the empty can and shaking it at the crowd.

After the match, which ended in a 2-2 draw, he slammed the person responsible for the incident, saying, "Tonight was a great atmosphere. The majority were here to enjoy the spectacle. It's a shame some people spoiled it. It's disappointing kids see it... but it was a great atmosphere." »

Bollywood Composer Ravi Dies

Indian composer Ravi Shankar Sharma, who had a song featured in Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire, has died at the age of 86.

The Bollywood music legend, simply known as Ravi, passed away on Wednesday at a hospital in Mumbai, India after suffering two heart attacks, according to

The composer wrote music for more than 70 films during his career, including Bollywood hits Chaudhvin ka chand, Humraaz, Waqt and Neel kamal.

He hit headlines after the release of Danny Boyle's 2008 drama Slumdog Millionaire because one of his songs from 1957 movie Narsi Bhagat was featured in the film as a question in the gameshow sequence.

However, the track was wrongly accredited to 15th century poet Surdas. »

Efron Hopes To Teach Kids About Green Issues With The Lorax

Actor Zac Efron loaned his voice to new animated movie Dr. Seuss' The Lorax in a bid to help make youngsters more aware of environmental issues.

Danny DeVito voices Seuss creation The Lorax as it fights to halt the destruction of the world's forests, and Efron, who portrays a young boy who sets out to find out why the world has become so ugly, hopes the eco-friendly messages in the film will inspire kids.

He tells Teen Hollywood, "I try to be green, as much as I can. It's hard. I feel like I'm never doing enough... I've always been searching for a way to get more involved and to help, and I felt like this movie, with the message that it has, was a really organic way to be able to help and get involved for me as an actor because there are only so many things you can do.

"This is a way, through a film, to teach and hopefully get the message out to young kids, and as they say in the movie it only takes one seed. So, I think we're planting those seeds." »

Love Hewitt Takes Up Pole Dancing

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt hopes to snare a man with her saucy new hobby - pole dancing.

The I Know What You Did Last Summer star has been single since splitting from Alex Beh in May, and admits she struggles to find love as men are intimidated by her fame.

She has now taken up pole dancing to keep fit and boost her sex appeal, and she is determined to use all her assets in her search for romance.

Love Hewitt, who played a pole dancing hooker in 2010 movie The Client List, tells Maxim magazine, "It's horrible to say it, but I like my boobs. They've always served me well. They're good... (pole dancing is) a great way to stay in touch with your sexuality... It might sound so stupid, but guys do not hit on me." »

Kang Praised By Children's Charity For Film Project

Actor Tim Kang has been praised by officials at a missing children's organisation for raising awareness of exploited youngsters with his new movie project.

The Mentalist star has launched a short film competition, with entrants required to address the crimes of child abduction and sexual abuse.

The winning piece will be submitted to U.S. and international film festivals, and chiefs at America's National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (Ncmec) have applauded Kang for drawing attention to the issues.

Ernie Allen, President & CEO of Ncmec, says, "Every child deserves a safe childhood. The child victimisation statistics are staggering. We are very enthusiastic to learn about the new project that Tim has launched which will help bring heightened awareness about the risks children face." »

Moss Wants To Forget Marriage

Elisabeth Moss has opened up about her divorce for the first time, revealing she is desperate to forget her seven-month marriage to funnyman Fred Armisen.

The couple wed in October, 2009 after a whirlwind romance, but the Mad Men star filed for divorce from the Saturday Night Live (SNL) regular in 2010, citing irreconcilable differences.

The divorce, which was finalised last May, came amid rumours Armisen quickly moved on with his SNL co-star Abby Elliott, and Moss is now hoping to put her failed marriage firmly behind her.

She tells Page Six Magazine, "One of the greatest things I heard someone say about him is, 'He's so great at doing impersonations. But the greatest impersonation he does is that of a normal person.' To me that sums it up... I don't want to waste any more of my life talking about it."

When asked if they kept in touch after the split, Moss replies, "Oh, God, no." »

Duff Trapped In Elevator At Obama Fundraiser

Actress-turned-political activist Patricia Duff nearly missed U.S. President Barack Obama's big speech at an event in New York last week (ends04Mar12) after she became trapped in an elevator.

The About Last Night... actress was on her way to a star-studded gala at a private penthouse in Manhattan last Thursday when the elevator she was travelling in got stuck, leaving her trapped for half an hour with one of the president's secret service agents.

She was eventually freed and made it to the party in time to hear the talk by the president, who was brought up to the event in a freight elevator due to the technical problems.

Party guest Margaret Russell, of Architectural Digest, tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, "It is a beautiful pre-war building, and it shouldn't have happened that night. She was trapped, but thankfully they were eventually able to free her... I think the Secret Service were... happy (that the president didn't get stuck)."

Other guests at the party included singer John Legend, actress Mariska Hargitay, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and fashion designer Michael Kors. »

Aniston Reading Up On Chickens

Jennifer Aniston is studying chickens after discovering a coop on her new property.

The former Friends star recently purchased a new home - and it came with a few fowls.

Aniston admits she's having fun reading up on her new pets.

She tells the Globe, "They're very social animals, and they like it when you visit them with a cup of coffee in your hand. And according to my groundskeeper, they love pasta." »

Hudson Supports Hawn At U.K. Charity Launch

Kate Hudson and her fiance Matt Bellamy turned out in London on Wednesday night to support the actress' mother Goldie Hawn at the U.K. launch of her children's charity.

The stars were all smiles as they posed alongside the Overboard actress at private members club Annabels to mark the start of the Hawn Foundation in Britain.

The 66 year old founded the charity, which teaches Buddhist techniques in schools across America to give children emotional stability and curb violent outbursts in the classroom, in 2003. »

Golinski Learns Of Wife And Daughters' Christmas Deaths

Australian TV chef Matt Golinski has been told his wife and three daughters died in a Christmas fire and is "processing his grief" as he continues to recover in hospital.

Golinski's partner Rachel, and their three girls Starlia, 13, and 12-year-old twins Sage and Willow, perished in the Boxing Day blaze at the family's home in Queensland.

The 39-year-old TV chef, who appears on popular series Ready Steady Cook, suffered burns to more than 40 per cent of his body and has been undergoing specialist treatment at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

His father Keith reveals his son is now able to communicate and is aware of the deaths of his loved ones.

Keith Golinski says, "Thankfully we did not have to go into any major detail about what had happened and were simply able to confirm his understanding of the outcome of the fire.

"Obviously Matt is still processing his grief as well as slowly piecing together the events of the past two and a bit months."

He also reveals the TV star has been undergoing sessions with a counsellor to help him deal with the loss, adding, "Matt is expected to remain in hospital for some time, but thankfully he is gaining physical strength every day. He is able to walk small distances from his hospital bed and has commenced physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, pain management and counselling. We have been told that he will require ongoing rehabilitation for some time." »

Davis Baffled By Sex And The City Baby Name Coincidence

Kristin Davis had no idea she named her adopted baby girl after her onscreen daughter in Sex And The City, branding the coincidence "weird".

The single actress became the legal guardian of little Gemma Rose Davis last year after filing her application through a U.S.-based adoption agency.

Davis' character in the hit TV and movie franchise also had a daughter called Rose, but the 47 year old insists her decision was not deliberate - she has just always loved the name.

She tells U.S. newsman Anderson Cooper, "I had totally forgotten that on Sex and the City I also had a child named Rose and since I did this whole thing in secret I didn't talk to anybody about the naming or the adopting at all and I didn't realise the connection.

"Then we announced and everybody was like, 'Oh, she named her after her Sex and The City baby'. I didn't even consciously (realise it), not at all, not at all. I almost named her Rose as a first name because I kept thinking it's such a beautiful name. Isn't it weird? I think it was lodged unconsciously."

Davis also reveals she has no imminent plans to adopt a second child, adding: "I had never thought about it because I was so kind of worried about the first. Once she came I was like, 'Hey I can do this, this is Ok.' So I mull it over, but because I'm a single mom, I want to focus on her and make sure I'm doing a good job first." »

Huffman: 'Sheridan's Housewives Trial Is Hard'

Desperate Housewives actress Felicity Huffman is finding Nicollette Sheridan's ongoing wrongful termination trial "hard" and wishes "it wasn't happening".

Huffman's former co-star Sheridan filed a lawsuit against show creator Marc Cherry in 2010, alleging he slapped her in the face in 2008 during a discussion about a script, and then killed off her character when she complained to producers.

The trial got underway in Los Angeles last week, with Sheridan breaking down in tears on the first day, and Cherry claiming his 'slap' was merely used to demonstrate a scene to his former star.

Huffman is set to be called as a witness for the defence, and although she admits hearing news of the trial is tough, the Housewives stars are not letting it affect them as they film their final scenes for the hit TV show.

She tells E! Online, "It's been hard. I wish it wasn't happening... It's too bad, but, I have to say, it's not really influencing what we do on set. We're all still working and (doing) Ok." »

Banderas' Wallet Stolen In Hungary

Antonio Banderas called police in Hungary on Sunday when his wallet was stolen as he arrived in the country, according to reports.

The Mask of Zorro star was mobbed by fans after he landed at Budapest's Franz Lizst airport and made his way to a waiting car.

However, Banderas was fuming to discover his wallet had gone missing in the chaos and contacted cops, according to the Austrian Times.

The website reports local police believe pickpockets used the crowd chaos as cover to target Banderas. »

Schwarzenegger Launches New Green Energy Initiative

Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is spearheading a new virtual environmental campaign encouraging more people to live a greener lifestyle.

The Terminator star teamed up with the European Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard, on Wednesday to launch the Sustainia initiative in Geneva, Switzerland, in conjunction with the United Nations.

The project is a visual one and aims to show people that an environmentally-friendly future using clean energy resources will not have a negative impact on their quality of life.

Schwarzenegger says, "Being a champion in body building, in movies and in politics where I was able to lead California to renewable energy, energy efficiency, green jobs... I believe it is important to demonstrate that sustainability is the better choice for all of us.

"For communities around the world and for the individual, the Sustainia award offers a multitude of benefits in terms of better health, more liveable regions and cities and increased productivity. But we need to actually see it to understand it. And this is what we will make possible." »

Zuiker's Ex Wants $3 Million Towards New Home

The estranged wife of TV mogul Anthony Zuiker is requesting the CSI creator hand over $3 million (£1.88 million) to help pay for a new California mansion in their ongoing divorce battle.

The brains behind the hit crime dramas and his wife of 12 years, Jennifer, split last year and she filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Jennifer is seeking full custody of their three sons and monthly spousal support payments of $443,528 (£277,205), and now she's asking a judge to approve her latest monetary demand to contribute to the cost of a new home, valued at more than $6 million (£3.75 million).

The request was due to be heard in court on Wednesday, according to »

Witherspoon Launching Her Own Production Company

Actress Reese Witherspoon is launching a new production company in a bid to give other female stars a voice.

The recently married Oscar winner and mum of two has been acting for over two decades but Witherspoon confesses she's now eager to step behind the camera.

The blonde beauty is teaming up with gal pal and Milk producer Bruna Papandrea to create a new firm, which will empower women and ensure they have an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

The Walk the Line star tells Reuters, "We will be producing some films with a very clear female voice.

"I’ve been acting since I was 14, and I know every aspect of filmmaking at this point. I think it’s important for women who have attained a certain amount of success in this business to give back to other female writers and filmmakers and try and help facilitate their dreams."

Witherspoon launched her first production company, Type A Films, in 2000. »

Macy & Huffman Unveil Hollywood Stars

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman have become only the second couple to be awarded a double star on the same day on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The stars unveiled their joint honour on Wednesday, and Huffman revealed she was flattered to be part of history.

The Desperate Housewives actress said, "It's really wonderful to be a part of it... It's going to be there forever and so much of what we do is gone in a minute."

Macy adds, "I'm a little embarrassed at how much I love this." »

Cherry Spent Months Plotting Sheridan's Housewives Exit

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has revealed he started plotting Nicollette Sheridan's departure from the show months before an incident the actress insists led to her firing.

Cherry testified on Wednesday that Sheridan's alleged unprofessional behaviour on set was a factor in his decision.

He told the court she struggled with her dialogue, criticised her co-stars and upset writers with her remarks about their scripts.

He recalled one bust-up with Teri Hatcher when Sheridan pulled him to one side and insisted her co-star was "the meanest woman in the world", prompting the actress' lawyer to object and end the line of questioning.

Cherry also testified about one scene, for which Sheridan couldn't get her dialogue right: "She only had five or six lines and she had come to the set and didn’t know any of them. This wasn’t the only time this had happened."

And he told the court he also witnessed examples of Sheridan’s alleged unprofessionalism behaviour towards his writers, adding, "She made insulting comments about her dialogue."

The actress maintains she was fired from the show after she complained to TV network bosses about an incident when Cherry hit her on the head. The writer/producer claims he was merely demonstrating a scene to his former star.

The trial continues. »

Brando Bosses Settle Legal Spat With Harley-davidson

The trustees of Marlon Brando's estate have settled a legal spat with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company over a pair of boots.

Lawyers claimed officials at the motorcycle firm infringed the actor's publicity rights by selling a line of boots called The Brando.

Brando Enterprises bosses sued Harley-Davidson in May, claiming the footwear looked similar to the pair the movie icon's character wore in The Wild One.

The two parties reached a settlement on Monday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Last month, the trustees accepted more than $300,000 (£187,500) from a furniture company to end a legal fight over sofas sold under the late star's name.

Brando Enterprises executors sued Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. last year, accusing bosses of misappropriating the actor's name with couches and foot-stools known as the Brando. »

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