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Cine News: 20 March 2010

Ημερομηνία καταχώρησης: Σάββατο, 20 Μάρ. 2010 @ 18:14:00 MST - Συντάκτης : Jim Papamichos

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Arts & Culture

Freida PintoPinto Lands Bond Girl Role
10 hours ago

Freida Pinto has signed up to be Daniel Craig's next Bond girl, according to a U.K. report.

The actress rose to international stardom in 2008's Slumdog Millionaire alongside her offscreen lover Dev Patel.

Now Pinto is set to appear in the upcoming 007 movie, which is to be directed by Sam Mendes and will be set in Afghanistan, reports Britain's Daily Mirror.

Meanwhile, American actress Olivia Wilde is reportedly in talks to star as the second Bond girl in the 23rd outing of the spy franchise.

A source tells the publication, "Sam (Mendes) has been talking about Bond for months now and is so excited about it. The project has been in the pipeline for months and Freida was always the dream Bond girl, but initially she was nervous about accepting it.

"This is going to be the most ambitious 007 yet. Sam plans to reinvent the genre. Peter Morgan, who wrote The Queen, has penned the first draft of the script and it promises to be visually stunning.

"It will be a typically glamorous and raunchy role and Dev has been joking to friends he is cool with seeing Freida rolling around with 007." »


Lance GrossGross Looking Forward To Confronting Ex At School Reunion
10 hours ago

Actor Lance Gross can't wait to attend his 10-year high school reunion in Las Vegas - because it will give him the chance to confront the girl who stood him up at the homecoming dance.

The Meet The Browns star, who is engaged to model Eva Pigford, still hasn't forgiven his former sweetheart - and he's looking forward to seeing her again.

He says, "We we supposed to go to the homecoming dance and she stood me up. Everybody wanted to get at her because she had the biggest booty in the school, so I was the man.

"Once she said yes she was going with me, I started telling everybody... but the day before she told me, 'Y'know, I'm not gonna to be able to go to homecoming with you'. I'm looking forward to seeing her." »




The Ten CommandmentsArchivist's Hunt For Demille's 'Lost City' Back On
10 hours ago

A Hollywood archivist's decade-long dream of excavating movie legend Cecil B Demille's The Ten Commandments set in a remote California town is about to be realised thanks to funding from locals.

Peter Brosnan started searching for the Hollywood holy grail, created for the 1923 epic and then buried among the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes on California's Central Coast, 10 years ago and was thrilled when he unveiled statues created for DeMille after a day-long dig.

But he couldn't raise the funds to excavate the set and movie bosses were far from interested in funding a dig as part of a documentary.

Brosnan temporarily abandoned the idea, but now the New York University film school graduate is hoping a grant to make a film about the area's links to Hollywood's great early films and stars will help him start the excavation.

Brosnan tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "I didn't realise when I started this project that it was going to become an epic of it's own."

The publication reports DeMille's 'lost city' was bulldozed into a trench and covered with sand when filming wrapped - because the legendary moviemaker feared rivals would steal his statues and it was too expensive to haul away and store. »




DeGeneres Supports Teen Lesbian's Stand With Scholarship
10 hours ago

Openly gay TV personality and new American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres has handed a teenage lesbian caught in a Mississippi school scandal a $30,000 (£18,750) scholarship.

The star invited high school student Constance McMillen onto her daily TV talk show on Friday and presented the speechless teen with a cheque.

McMillen hit the headlines earlier this month when she challenged Itawamba County School District officials' rules that prevented her from escorting her girlfriend to the prom.

The school district cancelled the 2 April event after McMillen’s request.

Officials at the American Civil Liberties Union are taking the school board bosses to court to force them to reschedule the prom. »




Falk Sues Construction Company
10 hours ago

Actor Peter Falk is suing a construction company for allegedly failing to complete work on his California property.

The Columbo star and his wife Shera hired Handy Andy Services to carry out refurbishment on their beachside home in Malibu, Los Angeles.

But according to a lawsuit obtained by, the Falks claim the firm didn't pack the soil properly, didn't apply the correct paint, failed to re-install fire sprinklers, and didn't waterproof the house.

Falk is suing for unspecified damages, but a representative for Handy Andy Services has slammed the allegations, insisting the actor still owes the company money for the work carried out.

A spokesperson tells the website, "This is slanderous to our company's name... they still owe us $120,000. Falk's wife fired us after we refused to do electrical work outside in the rain." »




Murphy Was Baby Obsessed In The Weeks Before Her Death
10 hours ago

Tragic actress Brittany Murphy spent her final night talking about her dreams of becoming a mum.

The Clueless star's widower Simon Monjack reveals his late wife was obsessed with the idea of starting a family in the weeks before her death on 20 December.

He tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood, "That was the big obsession, to have a baby. We talked about it the night before she died.

"Naming our children was one of Brittany's greatest sports... If it was a boy, it was going to be Oliver and if it was a girl, it was going to be Sophie. That was her perfect life."

The actress died after suffering a cardiac arrest at her Hollywood Hills home. »




Rock's Rep Slams 'Lovechild' Reports
10 hours ago

Chris Rock's representative has shot down rumours the funnyman has fathered a lovechild, insisting a mystery girl recently pictured with him is the daughter of a friend.

The comic was photographed leaving New York City's Trump International Hotel with his wife, Malaak, his five-year-old daughter, Zahra, a nanny, and the unknown woman.

The images fuelled speculation Rock, who also has a seven-year-old daughter, Lola, has a secret child by another woman.

But a spokesperson for the star has moved quickly to refute the claims, insisting the girl in question is a friend of the family, who regularly visits from South Africa.

The representative tells, "The child in the photograph with Chris Rock that appeared in the New York Post is the daughter of a family friend from South Africa whom (his wife) Malaak Compton-Rock met through her charity endeavours over the years. She visits often and when here is a joy to the Rock family." »




Murphy's Chemist Exposes Drug Fears
22 hours ago

A Los Angeles chemist is questioning remarks Brittany Murphy's widower made about his late wife's drug intake, revealing he stopped serving the couple and the actress' mother over fears "there was going to be an accident".

Eddie Bubar, who owns Eddie's Pharmacy, reveals he filled more than 100 prescriptions for the Clueless star, her husband Simon Monjack and her mum Sharon between January 2008 and August 2009 under various aliases.

The pharmacy boss has told investigators a courier picked the various prescriptions up in an envelope approximately every two weeks with the name 'Lola Manilow Murphy' written on it. He tells that Lola was Murphy's pseudonym.

Bubar cut the trio off four months before the actress' December death, partly because he believed they were using multiple pharmacies to fill scripts, according to the website.

He says, "We thought there was going to be an accident there."

But Monjack insists he and his late wife were the ones who ended the relationship with Bubar and Eddie's Pharmacy.

Bubar's comments come just a day after Monjack told U.S. news show Access Hollywood he never saw his late wife use drugs, stating, "Brittany was someone that had never used a drug in her life."

Medications were found in the actress' system at the time of her death, but her 20 December death has been ruled an accident following an autopsy. »




Dr. Phil A First-time Grandad
22 hours ago

TV psychiatrist Dr. Phil McGraw has become a grandfather - his daughter-in-law gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday.

Little Avery Elizabeth was born to Jay McGraw and his wife Erica, a former Playboy model.

The proud first-time grandpa announced the happy news on his blog, writing, "She's Here! Omg! Avery Elizabeth McGraw..."

His son Jay later 'tweeted' "Totally beautiful girl!! Erica was amazing through the entire experience!!" »




Waltz To Direct
22 hours ago

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz is to make his directorial debut with a German-language movie.

The Austrian star of Inglourious Basterds will direct Up and Away from his own screenplay - and is considering taking on a supporting role in the film, which chronicles the love life of a dating game show's host.

Waltz has adapted Meike Winnemuth and Peter Praschl’s novel Auf und Davon for the movie. »




Monjack Upset By Oscars Date Outrage
22 hours ago

Brittany Murphy's widower has fired back at critics who blasted him for taking a pretty date to the Oscars less than three months after his wife's death, insisting his companion was the actress' longtime best pal.

Producer/photographer Simon Monjack was invited to attend the Oscars to witness the Academy's In Memoriam tribute to his late wife - and he was heavily criticised for showing up with another woman.

Monjack had planned on taking Murphy's mother Sharon to the Academy Awards but when she announced she was too sick to accompany him, the Brit asked his late wife's friend Hayley to be his guest.

He says, "(She was my wife's) dear friend, a childhood friend."

And he's appalled by the criticism that has been levelled at him.

In an exclusive interview with U.S. news show Access Hollywood, he says, "I've heard everything, and she is pretty... I wouldn't walk down the red carpet with a non-beautiful woman."

Monjack used the TV interview to clear up other "ridiculous" reports, linking him romantically to his mother-in-law, who lives with him.

He states, "We don't have sex, number one; number two she is a woman that has toxic neuropathy, which means she can barely walk. I live downstairs, she lives upstairs." »




Actor Vartan To Wed
22 hours ago

Actor Michael Vartan is engaged to marry the girl he met in a Los Angeles car park.

The 41-year-old Monster-in-Law star, who previously dated actress Jennifer Garner, proposed to Lauren Skaar earlier this month, according to

The couple, who met last year, plans to wed in 2011.

Vartan was previously engaged to Shannon Gleason. »




Labeouf, Ramsay & Astin Among Marathon's Celebrity Field
22 hours ago

Shia Labeouf, chef Gordon Ramsay and Lord Of The Rings star Sean Astin will be among those making history in the Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday.

The trio will be among the celebrities taking part in the run, which has sold out for the first time in its 25-year history.

Twenty-five thousand marathon men and women will gather at Dodgers Stadium for the start on Sunday morning.

Wrestler-turned-film star Dwayne Johnson and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfuss will be among the stars cheering on the runners at checkpoints along the route.

Last year's marathon winner, Kenyan Wesley Korir, is the man to beat again. Reality TV star Andy Baldwin is expected to be the first celebrity to cross the finish line in Santa Monica, California. »




Anna Nicole Loses 14-year-old Estate Cash Battle
22 hours ago

Tragic actress/model Anna Nicole Smith's long-running battle with her dead husband's estate appears to be over - federal appeals court judges have ruled the star should get nothing

Before she died in 2007, Smith was asking for more than $300 million (GBP188 million) from oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall's estate.

She maintained Marshall promised her the cash during their 14-month marriage, which ended with the 89-year-old's death in 1995.

But, on Friday, officials at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California agreed with the decision of a probate court judge in Texas, who previously ruled that Marshall did not intend to leave the late star any money.

The Texas probate court ruled against Smith after a five-month jury trial.

The model was awarded $450 million - later reduced to $88 million - from the Marshall estate when she filed for bankruptcy in 1996, but the new ruling to give the Smith estate nothing now stands.

An attorney for the Marshall estate says, "We're very happy with the opinion. We're hoping this is the end of the road." »




Evans Lands Captain America Role
22 hours ago

Fantastic Four star Chris Evans has won the race to become comic book superhero Captain America on the big screen, according to industry reports.

The actor was among the favourites to land the coveted role, and now The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Evans will be the colourful character.

The news is sure to upset comic book purists, who wanted a more mature actor to play the role.

Alex Ross, the artist who redesigned Captain America for Marvel Comics, recently went public with his thoughts on who should play the character.

He told Entertainment Weekly magazine, "We've been saying for years, if you don't sign Jon Hamm to play this part, you're crazy.

"Captain America is supposed to be the patriarch of the Marvel universe. To get a guy in his early to mid-20s is only thinking about where the character began, not what he ultimately needs to become."

Evans will reportedly battle The Matrix and The Wolfman villain Hugo Weaving in the first Captain America movie. »

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