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Cine News: 3 November 2009

Ημερομηνία καταχώρησης: Τρίτη, 03 Νοέ. 2009 @ 20:08:00 MST - Συντάκτης : Jim Papamichos

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Arts & Culture

Michael Radford Radford Halts Shooting On La Mula
5 hours ago

Filmmaker Michael Radford has been forced to suspend shooting on upcoming movie La Mula a week before it was due to wrap over financial fears.

The Il Postino director announced to his cast and crew he had no choice but to halt the comedy, about the Spanish Civil War, on Saturday.

He cited a lack of funding from producers for the decision, reports Daily Variety.

A number of organisations have invested in the $10.5 million (£6.6 million) project, including the U.K. Film Council and the Irish Film Board, but Radford has been unable to access the money as each financing group must first sign an agreement - and bosses at Gheko Films in Madrid, Spain are said to have thus far refused to do so.

As a result, several crewmembers have yet to receive payment for their efforts.

He explains, "All the co-producers have to sign together a number of agreements. In anticipation of this, I, the crew and the facilities companies started work in good faith. However, Gheko Films has consistently failed to sign these documents for reasons known only to themselves."

Radford is now pushing for his investors to pay up - because he's determined to complete the film: "I have not abandoned the film. I have suspended it and fully intend to go back and finish it. Why would I want to abandon the film after two-and-a-half years' work and one week from the end of a very successful shoot?"

The project features Maria Valverde, Mario Casas and Jesus Carroza. »


Wilson To Woof It Up As Marmaduke
5 hours ago

Owen Wilson is back in the doghouse after scoring a Christmas 2008 hit with Marley & Me - he has signed on to be the voice of cartoon mutt Marmaduke in a new film.

The actor will join William H. Macy, Fergie, Steve Coogan and Wayans brothers Damon and Marlon in Fox’s CGI/live-action movie adaptation of the 55-year-old comic, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It won't be the first time Wilson's voice has been the star of a movie - he played Lightning McQueen in hit 2006 animated movie Cars and he portrays Coach Skip in pal Wes Anderson's upcoming animated tale Fantastic Mr. Fox. »


Witherspoon Is Witness To Paparazzi Battle
5 hours ago

Reese Witherspoon has offered her services to cops investigating a fight between two photographs battling for the best snap of the Oscar-winning actress.

Witherspoon stood by helpless as the paparazzi lashed out at each other, after spotting the star in Brentwood, California.

She then agreed to stay at the scene when police arrived and described the "brutal" fight to officers, insisting she would be "happy to co-operate" as an eyewitness, according to »


Seacrest's Alleged Stalker Pleads Not Guilty
5 hours ago

An obsessed fan of American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has pleaded not guilty to stalking the U.S. TV personality.

Chidi Uzomah, a special forces reserve for the U.S. Army, was charged on Monday with a felony count of stalking and two misdemeanour counts of violating a court order after he was found wielding a knife at Seacrest's Los Angeles office on Friday

The 25 year old appeared in court on Tuesday and entered a not guilty plea. His bail was set at $150,000 (£93,750).

Meanwhile, during the court hearing, Seacrest was awarded a protective order against Uzomah, banning him from going within 500 yards (457.2 metres) from the American Idol host.

Uzomah is due back in court on 16 November and faces up to four years behind bars if convicted.

The suspect previously pleaded guilty in September to attacking the TV host's security guard during a visit to a hospital. »


Dekker Charged Over DUI
5 hours ago

Actor Thomas Dekker has been hit with two counts of driving under the influence (DUI) following his arrest in California last month.

The star, who played John Connor in TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, was taken into custody on 14 October after allegedly running over a cyclist in the San Fernando Valley. The victim suffered minor injuries.

Dekker, 21, is now facing two misdemeanour charges in relation to the incident and is due to be arraigned in court on Friday, reports »


Eads 'Grinned And Beared' Broken Back For Years
5 hours ago

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star George Eads suffered from a broken back for 12 years before doctors discovered the spinal injury.

The actor, 42, reveals he hurt his tailbone during a basketball game in the late 1990s but refused to go to the hospital because he wasn't adequately insured.

But back pain forced Eads to get his aches checked out by a medic earlier this year - and he was stunned to be diagnosed with a very serious injury.

He recalls, "I was playing basketball about 12 years ago and I fell and hit my tailbone and both my legs went numb. I was a struggling actor sleeping on a futon and dirty clothes, didn't have any insurance or anything, so I just grinned and beared it and my back was really hurting for a long time.

"Then I went to the doctor and they took an X-ray and said, 'When did you break your back?' I think my pain threshold is a little bit high."

Eads was advised to undergo major surgery to correct the problem, but he had no idea he'd end up with screws holding his spinal cord together after the summer operation.

He says, "They said they could fix it but it required surgery and it was a spinal fusion. I had the surgery done and had a post op check up a month later and my X-ray was stuck up behind the doctor. I said I felt great, and said, 'Well, it could be worse, I could be that guy (in the X-ray)!' The doctor said, 'You are that guy!' and I was like, 'I didn't know I was going to get five screws in my back!' and he replied, 'Well, what did you think a spinal fusion was?'" »


Guttenberg, Danson And Selleck Are Reuniting For Three Men And A Bride
5 hours ago

Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg are reuniting for a new Three Men And A Baby sequel - nearly 20 years after the last installment.

The trio played bachelor pals forced to raise a baby together after she's left on their doorstep by desperate mum Nancy Travis in the 1987 original.

The reteamed three years later for the follow up, Three Men and a Little Lady.

Now, 19 years later, studio bosses at Disney are planning to reunite the trio for their movie daughter's wedding.

Breaking the news to WENN, an excited Guttenberg says, "Disney's developing Three Men and a Bride. That's going to be a smash. A smash hit. They're bringing everybody back for that.

“Nobody knows about it. I'm the first to talk about it.”

And Guttenberg's not settling for just one sequel - he wants to bring back all the franchises that helped him find fame in the 1980s.

He adds, "It's definitely time for another Police Academy. And I think they could make another Cocoon.

"They're surefire hits and I think they're good for the world. They make the world a better place and that's what it's all about." »


Caine Shunned Drugs
8 hours ago

Veteran actor Sir Michael Caine was turned off drugs for life - after a puff on a marijuana joint sparked a five-hour giggling fit.

The Get Carter star tried smoking pot in his youth but was concerned its effects on the memory would cause him to forget his acting lines.

And when he finally took the plunge, he laughed for hours - but later vowed to steer clear of narcotics and stick to alcohol to help him unwind.

He says, "Marijuana seemed like the most innocent of drugs, but I wanted to read about it first - I'm one of those guys - so I did and it said something terrifying to me: it affects your memory. I thought, 'I can't do it because I'll forget my lines.'

"Then one day I did smoke a marijuana cigarette and I started to laugh, and I laughed for five hours. I nearly got a hernia, so I thought 'Sod that' and I never got started on drugs at all. I drank a lot of alcohol - that was my drug. I was never an alcoholic, but I could get drunk every now and again. You can get bombed on English beer very easily." »


Tyson Rules Out Ring Return
8 hours ago

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has ruled out a return to the ring - because he has fallen out of love with the sport.

The former undisputed world heavyweight champion hung up his gloves in 2005 but reports at the weekend (31Oct-01Nov09) suggested he was eyeing a comeback at the age of 43.

But Tyson, nicknamed Iron Mike during his 1980s heyday, has spoken out to dismiss the rumours.

He tells Sky News, "I'm 43 years old and I'm fat and I'm overweight. Who am I going to fight? No, I am not interested in doing that. I'm not going to be successful. I'm just not that guy. I don't love this stuff any more." »


Spacey Boosts Budding Director's Career With Cash Award
8 hours ago

Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has given rising moviemaker Jason Musante Klein's career a big boost after awarding him a $50,000 (£31,250) cheque for his work on short film The Perfect Time.

Spacey set up the website in 2002 to give budding directors the chance to gain major exposure and backing for their movie projects.

Klein's tale of memory and longing attracted the attention of Spacey and fellow Triggerstreet awards judges Laurence Fishburne and British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, landing it the top honour.

Sunday's presentation to Klein was also a first for - it was the biggest cash prize Spacey's organisation has handed out to date, reports the New York Post. »


Obsessed Seacrest Fan Charged
8 hours ago

The man accused of harassing U.S. TV personality Ryan Seacrest is facing up to four years in prison after he was officially charged with stalking the star.

Chidi Uzomah was arrested outside the American Idol host's Los Angeles offices on Friday after he was found on the premises with a knife.

The suspect, a special forces reserve for the U.S. Army, has been ordered to stay away from Seacrest after the star was granted a restraining order.

Prosecutors in L.A. officially filed the felony charge against Uzomah, 25, on Monday.

It's not Seacrest's first encounter with Uzomah - the obsessed fan pleaded guilty in September to attacking the TV host's security guard during a visit to a hospital. »


CSI's Eads Set To Wed
8 hours ago

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star George Eads is engaged to marry his longterm girlfriend.

The actor has been dating Monika Casey for close to six years and decided to propose to her after she helped him through a difficult summer, which saw Eads undergo surgery to fix his broken spine.

Breaking the news on U.S. TV's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Monday, the actor said, "I got engaged actually to a really nice girl.

"When you go through something that terrible together... I don't know, maybe it happened for a reason. She really was my champion and really helped me get through that." »


Butler Romance Rumours Keep Lohan Laughing
8 hours ago

Lindsay Lohan is baffled by reports she is romancing Scottish actor Gerard Butler, insisting the persistent rumours about her love life are all "lies".

The Mean Girls star is alleged to have enjoyed a number of flings since splitting from DJ girlfriend Samantha Ronson earlier this year.

The latest tabloid claims link Lohan to The Ugly Truth star Butler after they were allegedly spotted kissing at the grand opening of a luxury beach resort in Morocco on Sunday.

But she insists she wouldn't have the time to keep up with all her suitors if the rumours were true and admits the inaccurate media reports constantly keep her smiling.

In a post on her blog on Monday, she wrote, "One minute I'm dumped, the next I'm dating a model, now Gerard? Who Has The Time! Such lies - it keeps me laughing." »


Grigorieva's Mum Blasts Press 'Lies'
8 hours ago

The mother of Mel Gibson's girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has hit out at the press for making her daughter's pregnancy a "hard one" because of all the "lies" written about her.

Gibson announced he was expecting his eighth child with the Russian singer earlier this year, just weeks after his then-wife Robyn filed for divorce.

The couple welcomed baby girl Lucia on Friday, and Grigorieva's mum Lyudmilla Chernukha is relieved her daughter made it through her pregnancy without any medical problems.

But Chernukha admits her daughter had a lot to deal with during her pregnancy - and she could have suffered complications because of all the stress caused by the bad press.

She tells, "I'm delighted! I'm very pleased for her because during her pregnancy she worried a lot because of all the bad press written about her. Lots and lots of lies.

"Her pregnancy was a hard one even though she had no (medical) problems with it. And, of course, Mel supported her and so did all her friends."

Grigorieva, 39, also has a son, Alexander, with her former boyfriend, actor Timothy Dalton, while Gibson has six sons and a daughter with his ex-wife. »


Penn's Son Arrested At School?
8 hours ago

Sean Penn's teenage son is in trouble with Los Angeles police after he was arrested at school last week (ends30Oct09), according to an online report.

Hopper Jack, the Oscar winner's second child with estranged wife Robin Wright Penn, was recently taken into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department, reports

Further details about the 16 year old's arrest at his high school in Malibu, California have not been released as the boy is a minor.

The youngster's problems come at a difficult time for the Penn family - the stars are currently going through a divorce after numerous failed attempts to save their 13-year on/off marriage.

A representative for Penn had yet to respond to requests for a comment as WENN went to press. »


Spacey: 'Dench Is Bored Of Dame Name Tag'
10 hours ago

Dame Judi Dench wants to drop her long-winded title - because she prefers to be called by her first name, according to actor pal Kevin Spacey.

The veteran star became a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1988, but the regal-sounding prefix makes her cringe.

American Beauty actor Spacey also insists Dench's straight-laced reputation is far from her true character.

He says, "One just has to remove the 'Dame' from Judi's name, and you'll realise that she's hilarious and nothing close to the characters she plays. In fact, she's bored s**tless with that stuff and prefers to just be Judi." »


Caine Almost Died In Korean War
10 hours ago

Veteran British actor Sir Michael Caine is still haunted by his experiences in the Korean War - insisting his life totally changed on the day he narrowly escaped death on the battlefield.

The Get Carter star was called up for national service in the British Army when he was aged 18 and was deployed to South Korea to help in the aftermath of the North Korean invasion.

Caine, who served as part of the Royal Fusiliers, admits he came close to losing his life during the conflict.

He says, "I was nearly killed. There were four of us on patrol in a valley in the middle of the rice paddies. The Chinese were closing in on us and the officer said, 'Let's run towards their line - they won't expect it because they'll be expecting us to run away towards our lines.' So we did that and we ended up going right around them. They couldn't find us because they were looking in the wrong place and we got away. But we'd faced that moment that we thought was the end.

"That night we went back to our bunkers and celebrated with a beer. We were just happy to be alive... I faced a moment when I knew I was going to die and I didn't run, I wasn't a coward, and it affected me deeply. I was at peace with myself and that's guided my life, not just in terms of whether someone's going to kill me, but in everything." »


Newton Accuses Hollywood Of Racism
10 hours ago

Thandie Newton has shocked Hollywood by insisting racism is still prevalent within the movie industry.

The British actress, who is of Zimbabwean descent, admits she once auditioned for a film role, but was left stunned when the studio boss questioned how a black woman could play the part of a college graduate.

Newton explains, "I've experienced racism in Hollywood but not as conflict or in a threatening way, just the ignorance of people.

"There was one time I went for a meeting for this big movie and I was up for a character who wasn't written as black. The character was a college graduate and the studio head, a woman, said, 'How can we make this role more black if we are going to have you in the film?' And I said, 'Well, I think as it's written it's fine...' And she said, 'Yeah, I know, but she is a graduate, she has been to university.' So I said, 'I've been to university.' And then it was, 'Yeah, but you're different.'"

The Crash star insists she didn't take offence to the comments - but she did refuse to take the job. She adds, "I wasn't offended. It's just nonsense. But no, I didn't do the film." »


Whedon's Terminator Offer Falls Short
10 hours ago

Joss Whedon's bid to buy the Terminator franchise for $10,000 (£6,250) looks likely to fall flat - the sellers are asking for $70 million (£43.75 million) for the rights to the sci-fi series.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator wrote an open letter to Halcyon Co. bosses after learning they were auctioning the franchise as part of the company's bankruptcy process.

Offering the five-figure sum, he proclaimed, "I loved the movies, even the later movies. I loved the mythology. I loved the TV show (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) - like, really loved. Not for pretend."

But Halcyon chiefs are hoping for a figure 7,000 times higher when the rights go under the hammer in January, and are determined to make a profit on the $30 million (£18.75 million) they paid for the franchise in 2003.

Spokesperson Kevin Schultz tells Daily Variety, "This is a unique asset - the only Hollywood tentpole asset that's not owned by a studio.

"We have a property that has made three times the box office of the four (Teenage Mutant Ninja) Turtles films."

The last installment, Terminator Salvation, cost $200 million (£125 million) to make and took an estimated $371 million (£231.9 million) worldwide. »


Hudson Sick Of Engagement Rumours
10 hours ago

Kate Hudson is urging the media to stop speculating about her relationship with baseball star Alex Rodriguez - because she is sick of seeing wedding rumours splashed across the front pages.

The actress was recently reported to have become engaged to the Yankees ace after photographs showed a sparking diamond on her wedding finger.

But Hudson admits the rumours are wrong - because the ring in question is always worn on her other hand.

She tells Britain's Elle magazine, "Did you know that it was this ring, on my right hand? I'm like, 'Why would I even respond? What would I say if you're going to lie about something ridiculous?'" »


Polanski Launches Third Bail Attempt
10 hours ago

Incarcerated filmmaker Roman Polanski has promised authorities he will not try to evade justice if they accept his latest bail offer and grant him his freedom.

The Rosemary's Baby director filed a new bail offer on Monday, following two unsuccessful attempts to convince officials in Switzerland to release him from custody.

His filing is said to have listed "adequate guarantees" that he will not run away from his ongoing legal battle, according to his lawyer Herve Temime.

Polanski has been imprisoned since September on the request of Los Angeles law officials, who want to extradite the star to the U.S. to face sentencing over a 1977 sexual assault on a 13-year-old girl.

He pleaded guilty to the charges but fled the country in 1978 before he could be handed his punishment.

Despite calls from his victim to drop the case, Polanski has been refused bail on two separate occasions over worries he is a "flight risk". »


Hudson: 'Men Are All About Sex And Food'
14 hours ago

Kate Hudson is convinced she has men all figured out - insisting all they think about is "game scores, masturbation and food".

The stunning actress is currently dating New York Yankees hunk Alex Rodriguez, but admits she has never been outwitted intellectually by a man because they are so "simple".

She tells Britain's Elle magazine, "I sometimes feel like when you're talking to boys, they just hear certain keywords... But if you had a bubble above their head, they'd be thinking about game scores, masturbation and food.

"I love boys... but I believe they're really simple. Every guy likes to say that they're complicated, but they're so easy to figure out. What did that Dr. Laura say? Something like, 'All men want is sex and for you to make them a sandwich.' I thought that was really funny - and not entirely untrue." »


Monroe Crypt Fails To Sell Again
14 hours ago

The crypt above Marilyn Monroe's final resting place has failed to sell for the second time - not a single bid was made for the burial spot.

Elsie Poncher put her husband's crypt up for sale on auction website in August, quickly attracting bids over the $4 million (£2.6 million) mark.

But when Poncher finally accepted an offer from a Japanese buyer who pledged a staggering $4.6 million (£2.9 million), the unknown bidder quickly dropped out.

She then put the site back on sale, demanding a deposit before accepting any further offers - but the auction closed on 29 October with no bids on the spot at Westwood Village Memorial Park cemetery in Los Angeles, where Farrah Fawcett was recently buried. »


Stewart: 'I Don't Want To Be Like Jolie'
14 hours ago

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is adamant she isn't chasing stardom - she would hate to be as famous as Angelina Jolie.

Stewart made her name in the vampire franchise, and compares her new life as a Hollywood star to that of Robert Pattinson's "sad, desolate" character Edward in the movies.

She says, "I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie. Nothing about being a celebrity is desirable. I’m an actor. It’s bizarre to me that everybody’s so obsessive. I had no idea it would turn out like this when I signed up for the movie.

"And I am glad I didn’t because it would’ve tripped me out. Edward is actually a really good parallel to fame. As a vampire he has a sad, desolate life - fame is the same.” »


Superman's Whalin Files For Divorce
14 hours ago

American TV actor Justin Whalin has filed for divorce from his wife Reina Flynn.

The star, who appeared alongside Desperate Housewives actress Teri Hatcher in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, filed papers last week (begs26Oct09), according to

The pair, who have no children together, have been married for three years. »


Spacey Blamed For Waiter's Job Loss
14 hours ago

A waiter has blasted Kevin Spacey after he was fired for asking the actor's pals not to smoke in a restaurant.

Peter Turner has accused the American Beauty star of costing him his job at the Clarke Cooke House in Newport, Rhode Island, after friends violated state laws by lighting up during a meal in June.

Turner alleges the head waiter instructed him to ask Spacey's party to put out their cigarettes - but the star reportedly took exception to the request, reports

Turner recalls, "I told the maitre d' (they were) smoking, he said to ask them not to smoke. I did politely ask them not to. The second time I made a joke about it - I said, 'You're not allowed to smoke in here unless you're on fire.' The third time... Kevin Spacey basically verbatim said to me, 'You know, you're an aggressive p**ck.' I said to him, 'I'm sorry, I'm just doing my job. Does anybody need anything?' I was told (by Spacey), 'I need you to get the f**k away from my table.'"

The waiter claims his bosses were furious after the incident - and fired him from his position three days later.

Turner insists the lay-off has cost him dearly, adding: "I was banking on making somewhere between $12- and $18,000 (at the restaurant) and that's basically what I'm out because someone thought that they were more privileged than anyone else." »


Hilton Plays Down Phone Fight
14 hours ago

Socialite Paris Hilton has downplayed reports of an ugly fight with her boyfriend on Halloween - insisting Doug Reinhardt threw her cell phone out of their limousine window "by accident".

The couple attended the annual costume party thrown by Heidi Klum and Seal in west Hollywood on Saturday night, but they were reported to have become embroiled in an argument after they left the event.

Witnesses claimed to have seen the pair bickering, with one photographer telling the New York Post, "She was mad. She jumped in the front seat and (Doug) was holding her around the neck saying, 'Relax, relax.'"

The fight allegedly reached a climax when Hilton's phone was tossed out of their car window, leaving the heiress wandering up and down the road looking for the device.

But a spokesperson for the star is adamant the incident has been "grossly misrepresented," admitting Reinhardt threw the phone - but didn't mean for it to go out the window.

The rep tells ETOnline, "(The incident was) blown out of proportion by the paparazzi. Doug had thrown Paris' phone to a friend inside the car and it went out of the window by accident.

"Paris was annoyed with Doug because she was afraid that the paparazzi would get her phone. There was never a choking incident." »


Winslet Wins Damages From U.K. Tabloid
14 hours ago

Kate Winslet has been awarded $40,000 (£25,000) after suing British newspaper bosses over an article labelling her "The World's Most Irritating Actress".

The Titanic star sued the Daily Mail in April following the publication of a report in January which branded her vain and accused her of lying about her fitness regime.

Winslet claimed the piece, entitled Should Kate Winslet Win an Oscar for the World's Most Irritating Actress?, "injured her personal and professional reputation" and left her feeling "distressed and embarrassed".

The star's attorneys agreed to settle the matter with $40,000 (£25,000) in libel damages in a hearing at London's High Court on Tuesday.

Following the ruling, Winslet said: "I am delighted that the Mail have apologised for making false allegations about me. I was particularly upset to be accused of lying about my exercise regime and felt that I had a responsibility to request an apology in order to demonstrate my commitment to the views that I have always expressed about body issues, including diet and exercise.

"I strongly believe that women should be encouraged to accept themselves as they are, so to suggest that I was lying was an unacceptable accusation of hypocrisy." »


Michael Lohan's Rehab Plea
14 hours ago

Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael has vowed to end their ongoing war of words if the troubled actress enters a rehabilitation program.

The Mean Girls star has threatened to file a restraining order against her estranged dad after he spoke to the press about her alleged addiction to prescription drugs.

But Lohan insists he will only back down once the 23 year old seeks professional help, telling, "As far as Lindsay is concerned, if she goes into a rehab, I will stop. But if the lies continue and the prescription drug use doesn't stop, neither will I."

Michael insists his daughter's partying lifestyle has spiralled out of control, leaving him no other choice but to stage a public intervention - just as actor Martin Sheen did when his son Charlie was battling drug problems.

He adds, "I have been trying for a year to help Lindsay with her problems privately, through Lindsay, her mom and the courts. I have the records to prove it. But when that didn't work, and the calls I was getting from (her mother) Dina, and Lindsay needed immediate attention, it was recommended to me to go public, like Martin Sheen and others did, in order to put pressure on Lindsay... I am sorry I had to take this route, but I have tried and tried to help Linds and I have been lied about long enough."

The born-again Christian even wants to obtain a conservatorship over Lindsay so he can help her regain control of her life.

He tells New Yok Post gossip column Page Six, "I am going to go to court to get a legal conservatorship to get Lindsay into rehab and finally get her off all the prescription meds. Dina is going to sit down with me and the lawyers and make things right for Lindsay. She is taking Adderol, Xanax, Paxil. She’s a beautiful girl but she looks 100 years old." »


Gilsig Still Waiting Tables
18 hours ago

Canadian actress Jessalyn Gilsig hasn't let fame go to her head - the TV star is plotting a back-up career by catering private parties in her spare time.

Gilsig has landed several starring roles on the small screen, including U.S. TV dramas Nip/Tuck and Boston Public, and hit comedy Glee - but confesses her acting career isn't keeping her busy enough.

The 37 year old has now found a way to make extra money, by taking orders and passing hors d'oeuvres around when she's not on set.

She explains, "I just waited tables for the first time last week (begs26Oct09). I took a catering job. I'd never done it and I really like to be busy, so I did. It's fascinating. People are so rude." »


MacChio In Talks For Reality Show
18 hours ago

Karate Kid star Ralph MacChio is taking his life to the small screen - the actor is in talks to star in his own reality TV show.

Macchio, 48, is hoping to give his career a boost by inviting cameras into the home he shares with his wife of 22 years, Phyllis Fierro, and their teenagers Julia and Daniel.

But before he commits to a new show, he's making sure his family is interesting enough: "I've been in discussions about unscripted ideas before. As far as having an argument over french toast in the morning and what kind of dog we (my family) should get, I think there are smarter ideas and I'm investigating those." »


Newton Shunned Cannes For Cambridge
18 hours ago

Thandie Newton refused to join in boozy celebrations to toast the success of her 1995 movie Jefferson In Paris - because she was busy revising for her university exams.

The actress studied Archaeology and Anthropology at the U.K.'s prestigious Cambridge University when one of her early films debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Newton shunned the bar with her castmates at the annual movie event - choosing instead to revise for her degree.

She says, "I was studying for my finals at Cambridge during the Cannes Film Festival. I went to a party on the beach for the film I was in, Jefferson In Paris, but I didn't get drunk because I knew I had to revise.

"I wasn't going to the college bar and having fun, so I probably ended up working more than most people. I carried on making films while I was at Cambridge. I don't regret it because if I hadn't, maybe I wouldn't be an actress." »


Ferrara Exits Game Of Death
18 hours ago

Moviemaker Abel Ferrara has quit Wesley Snipes' new action film to concentrate on Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent's new movie Jekyll & Hyde.

Ferrara was due to direct Snipes and Death Proof star Zoe Bell in Game of Death, but, according to, he has been replaced by Giorgio Serafini.

In the film, Snipes and Bell team up to defend an injured diplomat who is hospitalised after an assassination attempt.

It's currently shooting in Detroit, Michigan. »


Parker, Whitaker And Norton For New Obama Committee
18 hours ago

U.S. President Barack Obama is sexing up his administration - he has named Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker as a member of his new Arts Committee.

Parker, Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker and Edward Norton are among the industry big names handpicked by the American leader to head the Committee on Arts and the Humanities, to help boost communities through entertainment and culture.

First Lady Michelle Obama will act as the Committee's chairwoman, with co-chair George Stevens Jr. - a producer who has overseen the televised Kennedy Center Honors since 1990. »


Barton 'Soaked' In Bar Bust-up
18 hours ago

Mischa Barton was left spooked during her Halloween festivities at the weekend (Sat31Oct09) - after a fellow clubgoer threw a drink over her.

The former The O.C. actress was partying in New York on All Hallows' Eve when she was soaked by a man who claimed the star had trodden on his foot.

According to, the actress retaliated by dousing the rude reveller with her own beverage.

But the upset didn't stop there - the website claims Barton's protective pal approached the guy and the confrontation turned nasty, with the pair brawling in the bar.

A source tells the site the man was eventually ejected from the venue with a "a gash to his head and his knee was all cut up".

A rep for the actress has refused to comment on the reports. »


Paranormal Activity Star Stunned By Overnight Fame
2 November 2009 5:26 PM, PST

Hollywood newcomer Katie Featherston learned about her overnight fame the hard way - after foolishly posting pictures of her hotel suite online.

The breakout star of horror movie Paranormal Activity was so impressed with her surroundings during a recent promotional trip to New York, she decided to take snaps of the bathroom and post them on - giving fans in the know a clear idea of where the new scream queen was staying.

She explains, "I was excited about the hotel room, so I took a picture... Somebody recognised where it was and re-tweeted: 'The kids from Paranormal Activity are staying at this hotel!'

"I went, 'What?' I haven't wrapped my head around everything."

Featherston and co-star Micah Sloat became overnight sensations last month when Paranormal Activity stormed the U.S. box office and spent a week at number one. »


Longoria Parker Struggles To Win Film Roles
2 November 2009 5:26 PM, PST

Eva Longoria Parker refuses to let fame go to her head because she still struggles to land movie roles in between shooting for Desperate Housewives.

The actress landed her big break in 2004 when she scored the role of Gabrielle Solis on the hit TV drama, but despite a slew of Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Emmy Awards, the star admits being in the spotlight doesn't mean she's in high demand.

She tells Miami magazine, "Even now that I'm on Housewives, it's not like roles are pouring in. You're constantly struggling until the end of your career. There are still so many things I want to do." »


Hindus Call On Indian Censors To Review Vulgarity & Violence In Bollywood
2 November 2009 5:26 PM, PST

Hindu leaders around the world are calling on Indian censors to get tough on vulgarity and violence in Bollywood.

Strict religious heads have asked Central Board of Film Certification (Cbfc) officials to review India's Cinematograph Act over fears standards are slipping.

Rajan Zed, the president of Universal Society of Hinduism, says, "Seeing the continuous increase in the unnecessary vulgarity and violence in Indian films, it appears that the board has lost the sense of India’s cultural milieu and is ignoring directions.

"We are fully supportive of the artistic freedom and expression and we do not want any unnecessary censorship, but we're highly concerned about the increasing presence of the explicit scenes in the movies which were there simply for mercantile greed, and have nothing to do with cinematic elements."

Zed has asked Cbfc chairperson Sharmila Tagore to "view the films as a regular Indian mother who was struggling to raise her children to become moral and successful citizens, and not as the mother whose children attend nightclubs and late-night parties."

He adds, "The Cinematograph Act lays down that a film has to be certified keeping morality in mind, besides other things.

"Whatever happened to the Cbfc guidelines for certification, like 'human sensibilities are not offended by vulgarity, obscenity or depravity'?" »


Whedon Offers $10,000 For Terminator Franchise
2 November 2009 5:26 PM, PST

Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon has offered $10,000 (£6,250) to take over the Terminator film franchise.

The TV mogul has posted an open letter on fansite asking film bosses to seriously consider his offer amid reports the franchise is being auctioned off.

He tells, "I love The Terminator... I was thinking to myself, 'Not since they auctioned off frames from The Little Mermaid have I wished I had more money this much. So you know what, never hurts to ask.'

"I loved the movies, even the later movies. I loved the mythology. I loved the TV show (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) - like, really loved. Not for pretend."

But Whedon doesn't think his cash offer will be enough: "I do not think they’re going to call me and say, 'Congratulations! We’ll have that $10,000 now.'" »


Sony Scrap Pre-christmas This Is It DVD Launch
2 November 2009 5:26 PM, PST

Movie executives at Sony Pictures have scrapped plans to release Michael Jackson's This Is It film on DVD before Christmas after cinema bosses urged them to delay the release.

Theatre chain heads insisted a speedy DVD turnaround for the holiday season would keep fans away from cinemas and hamper ticket sales, prompting movie bosses to hold off releasing the concert rehearsal film on DVD until the New Year.

Instead, the Sony bosses have extended the film's limited two-week run by one to three weeks.

Michael Jackson's This Is It pulled in $101 million (£63.1 million) around the world in just five days. The film ruled the U.S. box office, taking $21.3 million (£13.3 million) in its opening weekend (30Oct-01Nov09). »


Quaids Miss Another Court Date
2 November 2009 5:26 PM, PST

Randy Quaid and his wife appear to be making a joke of the law after failing to show up for a fourth court showdown in California.

The Quaids have been accused of leaving the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, California without settling a $10,000 (£6,250) bill, and have been called to face charges four times.

Monday's date was reportedly set by the actor and his wife Evi themselves.

After their third no-show last week (ends30Oct09), the prosecutor revealed he was filing papers for them to be extradited from their native Texas. »


Feldman 'Gutted' About Marriage Split
2 November 2009 5:26 PM, PST

Actor Corey Feldman has opened up about his marriage split, telling fans on his blog he's "gutted" about the break-up.

The Lost Boys star has confirmed his wife Susie has filed for divorce and custody of the couple's son, Zen - just before what would have been the pair's seventh wedding anniversary.

Feldman writes, "Although I am heartbroken by her recent actions, all that really matters is the health and wellbeing of Zen. I vow to never leave his side for a large bit of time. He is my breath and my life, and I cannot be without him.

"I have had him at the hotel with me for the last few nights and it has been so nice, I am crying as I write this because I have to let him go back tomorrow, I wish I didn’t have to. But although scorned, I truly want what's best for my child and if that means I have to bite my lip through tough negotiations I will do it. Anything for Zen!!!!!" »

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